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CD | Theme - Break Up
you meet someone and connect. you can't help it, your conversations range from intense to more intense. isn't that what life is for? but... a glitch. you're in a beautiful, wonderful 5 year relationshi …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
25 songs for a good friends 25th birthday... guaranteed to make her dance away any qualms about the quarter century mark.. title from thao nguyen.
CD | Mixed Genre
"time is like a train and our love is just the same, it's gonna go if we don't keep on running...." title from the whispertown 2000 track. yet another "the sun on the magnolia tree just outside my wind …
CD | Mixed Genre
a mix that is most definitely inspired by the crazy beauty of spring that is always sure to make you smile.. title comes from the allman brothers song.. "you're my blue sky, you're my sunny day, lord y …
CD | Mixed Genre
i don't know why - but this mix just flows so well. all of the songs, are simply beautiful... and if i must say so myself, the transitions - lovely!
CD | Theme - Romantic
to caitlin, my love, on her 21st.... "everything i have is yours, you're part of me..." title is from the mirah song, a really cute, perfect birthday song.
CD | Theme - Romantic
"i'm gonna love you, like nobody's loved you.. come rain or come shine.." sappy, gushy, beautiful songs, for the most beautiful girl in the world. she's spending summer break teaching in north carolina …
CD | Theme
My PLP (platonic-life-partner) Manda born and raised in Oklahoma has a date with a chick-hipster born and raised in NYC. She whimpered when the c-h mentioned her fave bands.. "you know, bikini kill, ro …
CD | Mixed Genre
my manager and i always stay late to shelve in the childrens department at borders. the holiday season was sucking pretty hardcore; i having broken up with another "soulmate" and her just having a shit …
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