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CD | Mixed Genre
As I (for perhaps the 5th or 6th time) gave this yet another listen yesterday (6/13/04) during the Sunday afternoon torture session know as my workout, I realized why it has become a l@bs favorite: The cacophonous yet harmonious din that Curtis has created here enables me to suspend conscious thought and address the metal & steel that I must hoist and pump skywards.

At times one must trick the mind into thinking that what you're doing is enjoyable (the results are always enjoyable, the method(s) often are not).

This mix always tranposrts me to where I need to be!

by Muzag
CD | Theme
'Triage://Mind' with it's glitchy/scratchy, shuddering snaps & pops, is my favorite of the four columns that the Triage series is built upon.

When you look closely at a mix, from all angles & aspects: packaging, layout, artwork, and finally, the mix itself with its component parts of selections, sequencing & segues...there are really only very FEW true mixers on this site...& Gary Smith is one of them. I try to whip up a few goodies myself & even adorn them with a splash of color here-n-there...but even my own stuff...which I like A LOT, cannot begin to compare to the meticulous mix-work of Mr. Smith.

I, in all honesty, wouldn't TAKE all the pains Muzag takes to craft what, in every real sense could be a commercial release...but y'know what? I'm glad HE does & I'm appreciative of the trades we've completed.

Thanks Gary...this is fine, fine stuff!

by Candra
CD | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
My first trade with Candra & an excellent D-&-B project. The art is killer and the tunes reverberate through your car seat (like a chiropractic stereo adjustment). C-O-O-L !
CD | Electronic
Did shumvun shay sma-ooooth? His name may be Junior D...but he ain't no Junior-Mixer. Some very nice electronica present here; smooth & bumpy(things I've never heard before).
Cassette | Electronic
My comment under his original post says it all. Scott has a great talent for creating soundscapes (the exact one you asked him for). He'll often turn you on to sounds by your favorite artist that you haven't even heard before.
Cassette | Electronic
Another COOL blackadder work. I wanted "electro-tech" and he [again] delivered the goods. This one is a favorite while I burn up the calories on my Nordic Track !
by Candra
CD | Electronic
Arrr-Oooooo-Gaaa. Me digs this much...fell in love with Trinity and then fell in love with Candra's mix. "Quick, Tank, we need some Cool Techy Dance tunes....oh and Neo needs some guns if ya' got any !!"
Cassette | Mixed Genre
A recent trade and a dad-gum good mix. A Ziggy-Zaggy electronic experiment. Lissa's got a good ear for tune-age. Glad I put up with her (ha ha )
CD | Theme
Liked this one so much I created a cover for Tony to go with it. Smooth segues and rainy-day atmosphere makes this a keeper...a fine bit of mixing.
Cassette | Dance - House
I believe the original quote was "hella' tight" and so it still remains. A great & fun mix to listen to on headphones or in the car. Ms Concrete has a very intriguing mix-style. Dig-it!
Cassette | Mixed Genre
So very hip & cool. menghsindy's style (of mixing and packaging)is quite unique. Her sounds are awesome. This one is highly recommended. ~:-p
by bofus1
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Hmmmmmmmm. Got Noise? Get this! Bofus will Blow you..........away. Another in my collections of "freak out on the Nordic Trak mixes (hey those calories gotta go)!
by Proulx
Cassette | Experimental
Since he complained about my original post comment....I'll just cut & paste it again !! "Yabble-outh day, forsooth! How shall I describe this agglomeration of investigatory clamor? Intelligent din? A thinking man's racket? Dissonance par excellence? Well..it shore am GOOD ! Yup.that'll do."
CD | Experimental
EXTRA, EXTRA; Read ALL about it: Female dj takes the lab's mixing heart by storm!! g.a.b. labs, ambient rocker extraordinaire, admits he's met his match in the experimental genre. dj pneuma kicks his bad butt back to Jersey in a whirlwind posting session that leaves him "begging for more". This New Yorker has some "serious skills" (and some killer segues). Great job "C"
CD | Electronic - Ambient
a mix gorgeously awash with ambience, texture tables, pops & noise. relative newcomer to the site, Junior D shares some serious skills (and introduces me to several new artists). particularly enjoyable are: Lohmann, Sense, & Dub Tractor. a great mix to own and listen to repeatedly...!
CD | Theme
@ last..."versatile & beat conscious--easily a repeatable favorite. great for laid back (and @ times, funked up) atmospheres. 5 STARS !!"
CD | Electronic - Ambient
(picture this) smooth - flowing - lushness - with - zero - defects ! Perfect for napping - computing - and atmospheric organization. (now THAT'S a mix).
Cassette | Electronic - Ambient
...listening to this for the 1st time in over 5 months I was struck by its cohesiveness and blown away by the synergy...every once in a while you attain Mixing Nirvana...this was one of those times...!
Cassette | Jazz - Avant-Garde Jazz
I could listen to this, via headphones, on auto reverse, for hours & hours...!
Cassette | Microsound
...worked on this one for 2 weeks..."a stellar endeavor; perfect in every way" HEY: some mixers "got it"...& some don't...! ~ :-p
CD | Electronic - Ambient
Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you "ssssssshhhh"...brilliant ( I wish I could say I made this mix )
CD | Pop
.a throwback to simpler times, especially for an ambient/electric warrior such as myself. Taking advantage of the great Autumn weather, I raked the leaves with my kids today (11/23/02), with this in my boom-box off the back porch.in between trips to the curb, I caught my 5 year old daughter, Dayna, dancing to "Beautiful Sunday" [ : ) ]. Do I need to say anything else.?
Cassette | Mixed Genre
.the quintessential Fall mix. Listened to this today (11/01/02) on the ride into work. Form & Function blended together as the tree lined County road (heat on, windows slightly cracked) came even more alive as Scott's blends of vocal harmonies created an intoxicating atmosphere. No car should be without a copy!
CD | Mixed Genre
Whether we're talking Mischung der GerSusche, Miscela di rumore, Mistura do rufdo or MTlange de bruit (as my friend Pierre de la Salle would say) this is my hands down favorite AotM series. I have copies of #s 7 & 15. The packaging is exquisite (even the mailing envelope gets props), the CD, blanketed with a custom decal.but it's the noise/gerSusche/rumore/rufdo.the simpatico of clangor that drives these mixtures of din to the top of the heap. Beg Curtis for a trade.if the mailman doesn't steal it, you're ears will never be the same.
~ :-p
by Muzag
CD | Mixed Genre
Ladies & gentlemen, your attention please. Directions read: Insert CD, select "repeat"; play until the laser breaks.
This could win an award for both technique (beautiful segues) & content (perfect selections).a genius walks among us.!
by Muzag
CD | Theme
This is a brilliant mix idea [the boy knows his stuff]. Well planned & executed (with killer segues). Multiple listening sessions recommended.
I tip my mixing hat to you...
by teap!n
Cassette | World
if you have a private office @ work...grab a copy of this! I've been playing drum & bass & Teapin's gamelan (on low volume), bass level cranked, in the office. That + the air conditioning vent lays down a dreamy sound-wall allows me to get my work done...in aural style !
CD | Electronic
Electronics in place; motherboard complete. Junior's electronica mix machine rolls it out and grabs the gearshift. Keep yr hands off the steering wheel, this beat drives itself !
by valis
Cassette | Single Artist
(see full comment under v's mix) A man (and a mix) ahead of it's time in these days of laptop based soundscapes and loops files. Much respect !
by Dirk
CD | Mixed Genre
a beautiful & poignant mixture of glitch + sound; most of the artists and ALL the compositions were new to me...this Mr. Dirk has something here...checkitout!
CD | Electronic - Ambient
wow ...@ once pretty, gritty, soothing, caustic, smooth, glitchy, ambient and...beautiful ! A wonderful piece of adderlicious etherealness (quite possibly THE best Blackadder mix EVER !)
by SMoss
Cassette | Theme
As pleasant and well put together mix project as any I've heard. GREAT style & syntax blend into a wonderful themed playlist that takes the listener back through time while remaining relevant as regards the present.
by Muzag
CD | Electronic - Ambient
Magnificent...I have listened to this numerous times, @ home & @ the office (and have gotten lost in the tracks); part III of a great series.
by Muzag
CD | Mixed Genre
each piece here is beautiful in it's own way...replete with wonderful segues...anudder classic Smith moooooooood.
CD | Jazz - Avant-Garde Jazz
Attempts to categorize the politics of avant jazz fall into two categories: The first sees avant jazz as political by its very design. That is, it gives musicians more latitude in terms of both personal expression and the ability to communicate with other musicians (and people) than do more popular styles. Although there is some overlap, a second wing sees free jazz as the artistic equivalent to black nationalism. l@bs sez..."yeah, whatever, this one is still a stunner" Gud verk, Dean !
CD | Electronic
...have worked out t'this many a time since receiving it & keep forgetting to add it to my Favorites...!
CD | Mixed Genre
A favorite mix in the l@b's sub-level gym (a.k.a. the basement); perfectly sequenced tonal structures provide an aural base which, while pleasing to the ear, also allows for free & constructive thought. Nice job!
by 12vman
CD | Theme
12vman deliver the "Juice." An exquisite overviewing of Eno's musical contributions as composer, producer collaborator & performer. The entire series is fabulous, #5 being my favorite volume.
CD | Single Artist
My very 1st blackadder Single Artist mix! a stunner!...this one has been on 'repeat' since I acquired it.
by valis
Cassette | Theme
mmmm..seamless glove_smooth throwback to old flame's Gold Dress (waituntilthecrowdflies)
valis, weaver of cosmic tapestry, scores a stellar touchdown [again]. When trading, request the COMPLETE package,which includes disc(s), matches, hand rolled Ohio doobie and cabbage roll. Then lay back, light up & observe the barber shave another customer...
CD | Theme
All I can say is: 'it's about t i m e...'
by 12vman
CD | Mixed Genre
An instant favorite (AND 1 to work out with); the ethereal rhythms combine with the interspersed chanting(s) to create an atmosphere that allows the mind to freely drift within the realm of conscious & subconscious thought. An aural 12v_jungle. Checkitowt!
Cassette | Experimental
.what can I say about a mix from Cristy Concrete? It's jazzy, eclectic and DEAD ON target (& slightly dangerous.like a bag of x-tra crunchy Cheetos). From the 1st few beats of the Critter's Buggin' tune (and please bear with me, she changed the order slightly on the version I received), you know it's just gonna' go on your "Favs" list. The Metheny/Reich collaboration is killer; along with the Morphine track. Side B's "Another Night in Tunisia" (by Bowie collaborator Reeves Gabrels), is sweet improvisation. And the final 3 cuts: Waits, Greyboy and Tibbetts really round of this mix that not only embraces the spirit of Jazz Fusion.but dances around the fringes of the genre as well. 5 Stars to C3...! ~ :- p
by valis
CD | Pop
As floored as the blackbird (an' still seein' litt'el dots). A favorite from the moment I saw this posted (and I knew exactly zero tracks).
As "pretty" and solid a mix as ever (oh ever) a mix there was...

I might jus' start smokin' again..!