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Occlumency (To Hillsdale...)

Artist Song
Lake Trout  Riddle  
Kings of Convenience  Surprise Ice  
Chisel  Privileged and Impotent 
Dismemberment Plan  Memory Machine 
Belle & Sebastian  We Are the Sleepyheads 
Chris Thile  Locking Doors  
Broken Social Scene  Almost Crimes  
Rolling Stones  Street Fighting Man 
Godspeed You! Black Emperor  Static 
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags  
Elliott Smith  Christian Brothers  
Beck  Nobody's Fault But My Own  
Tom McRae  It Ain't You 
Nick Drake  Fruit Tree  
Belle & Sebastian  Dress Up In You 


Within the off-campus housing at Hillsdale College, there is a four-word toast which is dedicated to the school. The toastmaster lifts his glass and utters the first two words, "To Hillsdale!" Everyone else joins in with the next two words, a sentiment echoed in the chorus of "Dress Up In You".

This is another Harry Potter mix, as the first half of the title indicates. But it is a mix utterly unconcerned with Potter; this is a mix devoted to the riddle of Snape. Snape is the character with a closed mind, thanks to his skill as an occlumens. We have only the pensieve and Dumbledore's odd unrelenting trust as possible clues to what Snape is about.

This is a mix also about a real-life occlumens, in a world where all that is required is silence. He has that skill well-learned. Only a select few would suspect his radically different appraisal of this "city on the hill": the love which cuts like ice, the guy who is continually locking doors, and the crimes that almost are, but which fall short of requiring a street fightin' man. They stay static, but he cannot.
Ultimately, he isn't bothered by them. They never hurt him. The true fault for the hurt, if it was anyone's fault, lies with him for picking the wrong lottery numbers. Or it was the fault of a being who can never be held accountable, the being responsible for giving this occlumens his context. This is why he remains silent, because the secrets are irrelevant. There is hatred, but there is no one to hate.
Mix #52, an obscuration, made in April 2006.


Date: 4/19/2006
Lets toast Hillsdale and the State of Michigan.
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 4/19/2006
nice mix & great notes...