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The Malevolent Aesthete

Artist Song
King Crimson  Fallen Angel  
Ani Difranco  Untouchable Face 
Iggy Pop  Jealousy 
Nickel Creek  Can't Complain 
Radiohead  Karma Police 
Rogue Wave  Perfect 
Snow Patrol  Somewhere a Clock is Ticking 
The Verve Pipe  Ominous Man 
Rival Schools  The Switch 
Super Furry Animals  No Sympathy 
Failure  Segue 2 
Modest Mouse  Tiny Cities Made of Ashes 
Iggy Pop  Hate 
Silverchair  Satin Sheets 
Stone Temple Pilots  Sex and Violence 
Finger Eleven  The Last Scene of Struggling 
Queens of the Stone Age  Someone's in the Wolf 
Of Montreal  October is Eternal 


In order to ascertain just how little certainty there is in the world, Descartes constructed

a demon. This demon had the power to cloud the senses completely with a false reality. How,

it was asked, can one know with certainty that this demon doesn't exist and doesn't

blindfold us as we speak? How do we know that this is the real world?

Descartes supposedly got out of this dilemma by asserting that God exists, that God is good,

and that a good God wouldn't allow such deception. But there were a number of flaws with

this escape to certainty. One such flaw is the blatant absurdity of that third step;

whatever characteristics one might ascribe to God, He is clearly not a God that stands in

the way of deception. Matthew, Muhammad, Dawkins and Cruise can't all be right. One way or

another, billions are constantly being duped into accepting a false reality.

But it can all be made right, my benevolent past whispers, all accounts can be balanced out.

I agree, but my agreement comes with the caveat of different, more reliable means.

Good karma is a fragile thing, a thing that can fall victim to a murderous tyrant, a

devastating flood, a random mugging or even a mere housecat. Bad karma is much more sturdy.

Bad karma is a force of nature fed by two endless reservoirs: bad deeds and bad weather.

Either will suffice. Either way, a benevolent breeze inevitably finds itself trampled by a

hurricane of misfortune or revenge.

Revenge is where I come in. Black lies are my weapon.

My uncle, a most beautifully malevolent figure himself, assists me with the tactics of my

whisperings. I settle the accounts through subtle verbal chaos. Self-righteous evangelicals

regain the terror of doubt. Insulated Godfathers of commerce fall to bruised hands and

skinned knees. Proud working men find shame in their dirty blue collars. Self-absorbed,

unjustly happy couples become reacquainted with the loneliness of single life. That object

of unrequited love gets shoved into the world of rejection and I am there to guard all


It's aesthetic communism: all are made equally aware of the ugliness of existence. No one

gets off through damnable luck.

No. No one. Damnit. A slip-up. My best efforts create a miserable existence for one bright-

eyed couple, but my best efforts fall short. In some irrational and inconceivable way, they

manage to salvage but one good thing from my storm of destruction: happiness. It's

completely irrational, really, I've left them with nothing to support good feeling - I even

decimated their belief in the afterlife - and yet they find their pathetic condition to be

adequate. Or even, seemingly, good. I'm furious. But as it turns out, my fury is dwarfed by

the fury of my mentor.

They say misery loves company. Well, Misery doesn't care much for my company, but given my

subpar work and the resultant slim pickings, misery will take what he can get. My spirit is

now nothing more than a means to his temporary intoxication.

And when I think about it, it seems that he's given me what I've wanted all along: an

infinite oasis for that black emotion I've come to crave, an eternal supply of resentment.

Hate has swallowed me whole.

Mix #58, the indignation, made in October of 2006. The inspiration is roughly composed of

one part nonexistent sequel to Amelie (you know, the one where she starts using her

aesthetic talents vindictively), one part Screwtape Letters, and one part Either/Or.


Date: 10/30/2006
I'm admittedly not too familiar with much of what you've put on this CD, but I like what I know... especially Untouchable Face.
Date: 10/30/2006
Nobody knows the wreck of the soul the way you do. Cool mix.
Date: 10/31/2006
a lot of this is really good. nice failure track and very cool closer!