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Ugly Dawn

Artist Song
Sean Watkins  Happy New Year  
The Shins  Black Wave 
Lake Trout  Keep Your Eyes Shut 
The Coral  Far From the Crowd 
Iggy Pop  F__in' Alone 
The Dears  22: The Death of All the Romance 
Citizen Cope  Nite Becomes Day 
Gomez  Miles End 
Built to Spill  You Were Right 
Ani Difranco  Dilate 
King Crimson  Epitaph 
Calexico  Cruel 
Gomez  Notice 
The Dismemberment Plan  Spider in the Snow 
Pernice Brothers  Automaton 
Radiohead  Fitter Happier 
Lake Trout  Stutter 
Tool  Sober 


The arbitrary start of an arbitrarily important 24-hour period was greeted with arbitrary enthusiasm. This was when he realized that the night would not last forever. But he would not go without a fight.

He slept furiously, as if he would never get another chance, and embraced his dreams with spite for all else. The sleep began with eyes open and liver working overtime. He knew not when inebriation slipped into a less mobile state, and loved that the line was so blurred. He always remembered these nights, nevertheless, as they were deemed the only memory worth collecting. The facts - a depleted social group, the empty bottles - only served to form the framework for the stories his mind told.

He woke up at 7:30. Cars coasted, children playfully screamed, the wind gently rustled the barren branches - perfect complements, he thought, to the primary sound of the dawn, eminating from an electronic box in the corner:


He opened his eyes at 8:30. He went over and shut off the alarm. Just enough time for a shower and a change of clothes.

Nothing unchanged. Same condescending manager. Same subtly racist manager. Same incompetent ass with a need to police those who knew what they were doing. Same bonehead with no interests outside of the tawdry sex lives of celebrities. Same flamboyant whore with an urge to reinforce every negative stereotype about his kind. Same fat girl who eats a carton of oatmeal cream cookies for lunch. Same smooth jazz station, complete with the brand-new instrumental version of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful". Same snide, encrypted jokes at every passing - and he's outside each one.

Same disinterested beacon of hope, who will inevitably crush his hope, who smirks as he repeats his report a second and then a third time before becoming intelligible.


Cirrhosis aside, the drinking's irrelevant. The morning itself is a hangover. He's not the least bit tired, but he can't wait to get to bed. He's bored with getting buzzed, but he can't wait to get his hands on another bottle.

He waits for the next night.

Mix #61, the fluctuation, seventh and final part of the aesthetic series. Made in January of 2007.


Date: 1/5/2007
Shame this mix has had little response so far. Looks great, am downloading now (thx). Faves include Shins, Coral, Iggy, Dears, Calexico, Pernice Bros...