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Did I Step On Your Trumpet?

Artist Song
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble
Good Morning
Dreams, 2002  
Martin Siewert / Martin Brandlmayr
Is This Love?
Too Beautiful To Burn, 2003 
Masahiko Okura / Gnnter Mnller / Otomo Yoshihide
Masahiko Okura / Gnnter Mnller / Taku Sugimoto / Otomo Yoshihide, Metal Tastes Like Orange, 1999 
Core Cut
Archives Of The North, 2006 
Martin TTtreault / Otomo Yoshihide
Duo 4
Studio - Analogique - NumTrique, 2003 
Brandlmayr Dafeldecker NTmeth Siewert
Part 5
Die InstabilitSt der Symmetrie, 2003 
Toshimaru Nakamuro / Sachiko M
Do #2
Do, 2001 
Keith Rowe / Axel D÷rner / Franz Hautzinger
Magenta/Black [excerpt]
A View From the Window, 2004 
Sachiko M / Gnnter Mnller / Otomo Yoshihide
Filament 2-5
Filament 2, 1999 
Etage 3 / Flur
Rec.Extern, 2002 
Axel D÷rner / Kevin Drumm
Part One [excerpt]
s/t, 2001 
Otomo Rowe Sugimoto
The Room
Ajar, 2002 
Observations Took Place
Ballroom, 2004 
Sachiko M / Toshimaru Nakamuro / Otomo Yoshihide
Good Night [excerpt]
Good Morning Good Night, 2004 


This is essentially a single artist mix, except it spans the works of four separate artists - Martin Brandlmayr, Axel D÷rner, Sachiko M and Otomo Yoshihide. The four of them are scheduled to play a show together in my town later this month, and since sitting at a table in a jazz club all by myself probably isn't so much fun, here's my attempt of convincing a friend that this is not something he's allowed to miss. Of course, this is not supposed to give a thorough overview over the work of any of the four artists (Otomo Yoshihide alone must have about 300 albums that I haven't even heard yet, and yet he's the one who appears here most prominently. And I was shocked to find just how little Axel D÷rner I have in my collection), but rather a quick taste of what these people are up to. I made no effort at all to include particular favourite tracks or excerpts, my only concern was to make the whole thing flow. I thought it'd be a nice touch not to include multiple tracks by the same combination of artists - not too hard to accomplish, considering how prolific these people are and how collaboration-focused the field of electro-acoustic improvisation (or whatever you wanna call it) is. By the way, the three projects that don't mention any of the guys/gal by name (Radian, Polwechsel, Trapist) all involve Martin Brandlmayr.

If you want to give this a listen, click here. It's one continuous mp3-file and it's rather easy to lose track of where you are, so I've added time marks in the tracklist for your orientation. If you've never heard any of these artists, be warned that this is going to be a rather abstract listening experience (don't let the opener fool you). Extended moments of near-silence are entirely intentional.

The title has something to do with Axel D÷rner's peculiar approach to his trumpet (which, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't involve stepping on his instrument, but which does result in a sound that is quite different and rather more abstract from what you probably expect from a trumpet), but more with me being silly.


Date: 1/13/2007
ohmygosh! i love Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamuro, and Otomo Yoshihide. great mix! i will have to download it once i get moved =)
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/13/2007
Based upon your description, I really, really need to listen to this. Downloading now...
Date: 1/13/2007
Wow. I can tell even before listening this is going to be blessed with a hint of genius. I look forward to a bumpy ride!
Date: 1/13/2007
Date: 1/13/2007
Electro-acoustic improvisation, eh? This must be the most exotic mix ever. Excellent.
Date: 1/14/2007
You just provided an excellent soundtrack to my (endless) packing. Hope this manages to convince your friend he should go (not that I'm worried)!
Date: 1/14/2007
Splendid. Lots of faves here. The opener, Siewart/Brandlmayr and Radian cuts especially. I hope your friend goes with you, but, uhm, sittin' alone ain't so bad.
Date: 1/15/2007
this mix looks up Mr. Burns' street - I'm afraid I have no idea but hats off to ya!
Leif Averageson
Date: 2/3/2007
If only this was still available for download, as it looks quite wonderful. I'm sorry I missed it.
mount scoundrel
Date: 2/9/2007
this looks amazing. i'd wager it sounds even better. i wish i had seen it sooner.