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A Night of Faith

Artist Song
They Might Be Giants  Where Your Eyes Don't Go  
The Fiery Furnaces  Quay Cur 
Arcade Fire  Une AnnTe Sans LumiFre 
Wilco  Can't Stand It 
Blanche  Superstition 
Finger Eleven  Above 
A Perfect Circle  Judith 
Fuel  Mary Pretends 
Aesop Rock  None Shall Pass 
Modest Mouse  Dashboard 
Pearl Jam  State of Love and Trust 
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  The Unwanted Things 
The Dismemberment Plan  Automatic (Deadverse remix) 
Beth Orton  Stolen Car 
Iron & Wine  The Night Descending 
Circulatory System  Days to Come (in Photographs) 
John Vanderslice  Radiant With Terror 
Radiohead  Motion Picture Soundtrack 
Mew  Circuitry of the Wolf 


Mix #63, a demonstration, made in March of 2007. Inspired by a little Kierkegaard and

Stephen King's The Dead Zone. SPOILERS (for the latter) follow.

He sat, waiting, concealed fingers resting on the rifle. He could almost feel his mother

smiling at him with her insatiable religious insanity.

She had been religious before the coma, but he had awakened to discover a zealot who jumped

from cult to cult, believing more strongly all the time in the inerrancy of her current

enclave. She had become belligerent about relieving herself of all worldly possessions -

including those of her frustrated husband - and hopelessly stubborn about eschewing man's

medicine in favor of "God's Plan".

Johnny Smith had shared a vision in which "God's Plan" ended up killing her, but ultimately

even that wouldn't deter her. She died with the insistence of this insufferable 'Plan' upon

her lips. Johnny's residual patience for God or His Plan died at about the same point.

Then he shook hands with a charismatic up-and-coming politician and saw an apocalypse.

He spent his increasingly limited time in a desperate search for alternatives, but it came

down to a single option: murder.

And it was murder, there was no getting around it. This man hadn't done anything to

deserve death, nor to warrant it. The future ultimate crime might not even be a crime, but

instead some infinitely fatal lapse in judgment or some genocidal jigsaw puzzle of

circumstances coming together. And yes, the other visions had largely been validated, but

who could say with any certainty that this one wasn't a delusion? It was murder. And yet...

And yet, somehow, it was right.

If Johnny had thought that such belief would be reassuring, that expectation was now

dispelled. He wasn't comforted in the least, he was downright terrified. Somehow?

How? The answer was an unknowable object, irretrievably lodged in a dead zone.

The politician entered to thunderous applause. Smith rose and unveiled the rifle. He aimed.

He didn't pull the trigger. People nearest to him began to scream. More noticed. The

politician noticed. Smith struggled with his lingering doubts for one last time.

He took the leap.


Date: 3/19/2007
Lots I love here ( 1-4, 14, 15..) and a few unknowns for me to check out. Looks great on the whole..
Date: 3/30/2007
was pretty sure I didn't like Modest Mouse... but that track is great. must give them a second... no, third chance. also like the Fiery Furnaces and Aesop Rock tracks.