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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Narrative


Artist Song
Bruce Springsteen  Blinded By the Light 
Thomas Dolby  She Blinded Me With Science 
The Mountain Goats  The Plague 
Ben Lee  Catch My Disease 
Holly Cole  Sweet Blindness 
Steppenwolf  Snowblind Friend 
Tom Waits  Blind love 
The Streets  Blinded By the Lights 
Kristin Hersh  Close Your Eyes 
Concrete Blonde  Why Don't You See Me 
Devlins & Sharon  Love Is Blindness 
Placebo  Eyesight to the Blind 
Jim White; Aimee Mann  Static on the Radio 
Thirteen Senses  Into the Fire 
They Might Be Giants  Catching on Fire 
Laura Veirs  Jailhouse Fire 
Godsmack  Running Blind 
Concrete Blonde  Darkening of the Light 
Declan Galbraith  Amazing Grace 


A mix I made for my book discussion on Jose Saramago's "Blindness." Synopsis: unamed people in unamed city in unamed country become afflicted with a white blindness. They are quarantined during which really awful stuff transpires. I'm not telling how it ends so you'll just have to read it yourself: Nobel prize winning horror/sci-fi...gotta love it.


Date: 4/10/2007
Ive never read the book, but looking at this mix made me want to check it out :)
Date: 4/12/2007
I've read it. Nice theme and execution.