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Forgive me

Artist Song
The White Stripes  We're Going To Be Friends 
Queen  You're My Best Friend 
Sufjan Stevens  The One I Love ;REM Cover] 
Mountain Goats  Masher 
Dar Williams; Joan Baez  Dangling Conversation 
Concrete Blonde  Little Conversations 
Liz Phair  Divorce Song 
Tegan and Sara  Empty in Between 
Mountain Goats  Old College Try 
Palomar  Bury Me Closer 
The Weepies  World Spins Madly On 


HELP! This is more important than a break-up! This is an attempt to keep my best-friend from over the last 12 years. We've never actually really had a physical relationship as he was the best-friend of an ex-boyfriend of mine, but he means more to me than anyone. Honestly our friendship is worthy of a book given the amount of sacrifice we've both been through. Anyways... We're at odds now, I just want him in my life...however that is achievable, and would like help compiling this mix. Theme: I don't want him as a boyfriend (and he doesn't want me as a Girlfriend,)but I want him back as my best friend and confident. I want beautiful songs full of regret or lovely enough to think of me well. Anyways any suggestions would be incredibly welcome



Date: 6/25/2007
i am kloot - proof; jens lekman - sky phenomenon; new end original - #1 defender
Date: 6/25/2007
Good Luck.
Date: 6/25/2007
how about daniel johnston's impossible love? i'm thinking of tributing my own estranged best friend through a mix and that song has always stuck out to me.
Mike Eternity
Date: 6/28/2007
All this talk of losing close friends now has ME inspired to do the same. One of my best pals of nearly 20 years (since kindergarten) is growing apart from me, so maybe I'll need help compiling my own. In the meantime, what you've already accumulated here seems perfect. I mean by all means add more but your selections show great taste and cleverness in handling your "theme" (sorry to reduce it to such terms). A Queen song I might recommend more than that one (which I always thought was overrated) would be "You and I" from A Day at the Races. It's equally poignant and has better songwriting, imo. Check it out, at least. There's also, uh, "Friends Forever" from that Saved by the Bell episode? That's about the lamest thing you can possibly use on here, but if you ever watched the show, it does fit the bill in its own special way. I'll try to think of more but without a list of songs handy at the moment it's always tough for me. 'Til then, best of luck not just with the mix but with reconciling the relationship. Sooner or later, make sure the person knows exactly how you feel