Really Sayin' Somethin' (A similarly personal trip through the early 60s!)

Artist Song
Aaron Neville  Show Me The Way (1960) 
Earl King  Come On (Part One) (1960) 
James Brown  Think (1960) 
The Shirelles  Tonight's The Night (1960) 
Chuck Jackson  I Wake Up Crying (1961) 
Aaron Neville  How Many Times? (1961) 
The Drifters  Please Stay (1961) 
The Regents  Runaround (1961) 
The Jive Five  These Golden Rings (1962) 
The Volumes  I Love You (1962) 
Solomon Burke  Cry To Me (1962) 
Sam Cooke  Nothing Can Change This Love (1962) 
The Chiffons  He's So Fine (rec 1962) 
The Angels  I Adore Him (1963) 
The Beatles  Twist And Shout (1963) 
The Beach Boys  Your Summer Dream (1963) 
Barbara Lewis  Hello Stranger (1963) 
The Ronettes  Be My Baby (1963) 
Roy Orbison  It's Over (1964) 
The Cinderellas  Baby, Baby, I Still Love You (1964) 
Connie Francis  Don't Ever Leave Me (1964) 
The Chants  She's Mine (1964) 
Ben E. King  What Can A Man Do? (1964) 
Otis Redding  You're One And Only Man (1964) 
The Four Tops  Baby, I Need Your Lovin' (1964) 
The Velvelettes  He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' (1964) 
Evie Sands  Take Me For A Little While (1964) 
The Rolling Stones  Time Is On My Side (1964) 
The Beach Boys  She Knows Me Too Well (1964) 
The Chiffons  What Am I Gonna Do With You (Hey Baby) (1964) 


Having got so much out of compiling a mix of my very favourite songs from the second half of the 60s, it was a no-brainer for me to attempt the same treatment of the first half of the same decade! I gave myself the same brief - to fill a CD with songs that really mean something special to me, regardless of the obscurity or popularity of the songs and artists concerned. However, I realised early on that I look for different qualities in early 60s music than I do in the later stuff (unrestrained joy, naive innocence or raw energy - as opposed to profound lyrics, emotional depth or musical experimentation!) I have discovered a lot about my musical tastes over the last couple of weeks and this latest project showed me that: A) I am very biased towards the American music of the early 60s (there are only a few British artists featured - and generally they are covering American songs!) and B) I seem to enjoy the music of the 60s more as the decade progressed (even on a compilation of the decade's first half, 2/5 of the songs are from the last year available to me!). Again I found a lot of cross-over between this CD and ones I have posted in the past, although where it was a toss-up between two tracks I enjoy equally for this CD I selected whichever one had not previously featured on one of my mixes. I took ages to find a suitable start to the CD - 1960 is by no means my favourite year for music - there was a lot of cheesey or naff music around and I wanted to find something with a bit more depth. Eventually I remembered about Aaron Neville's "Show Me The Way" and instantly I realised that its Gospel influenced Doo Wop flavourings made it the perfect choice to kick off this mix. And so this is what I ended up with: a mixture of Doo Wop, R&B, Soul, Pop and Girl Group records along with several that blur the boundaries between those genres (which I have attempted to use as 'link tracks' between songs of different styles.) Most of the selections will never make it onto any "Best Of The 60s" albums but these are the songs from this 5-year period which (at the moment) are "really sayin somethin" to me.


Date: 7/30/2007
Another fabulous one John. Got your mail this afternoon, chuffed to bits with it. thankyou. Mine is on it's way.....
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/31/2007
Another great installment. Keep 'em coming.
Date: 8/1/2007
Very nice mix about a great time in music. I did a mix with

almost the same title. (Guess which song was the same too.)