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The Last Man II

Artist Song
Turin Brakes  Red Moon  
Remy Zero  Prophecy 
Midlake  Roscoe 
Blue Oyster Cult  (Don't Fear) The Reaper 
Metallica  Fade to Black 
Muse  Apocalypse Please 
John Vanderslice  Coming and Going On Easy Terms 
The Verve Pipe  1229 Sheffield 
The Whitlams  Buy Now Pay Later (Charlie No. 2) 
Counting Crows  Round Here 
Ani Difranco  78% Water 
The Decemberists  The Island: Come and See/The Landlord's Daughter/You'll Not Feel the Drowning 
Blanche  The World's Largest Crucifix/Little Amber Bottles (reprise) 
Andrew Bird  Heretics 
Elvis Costello  Waiting For the End of the World 


...and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because thou hast obeyed my voice. The word of the Lord.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, the search effort was called off yesterday.

My family shall surely struggle with the loss, my father most of all for encouraging his heroic choice. But let us not forget that the end of our life on this world is not the end of our life. Another life awaits.

Mike said little revealing in the emails sent our way. It's safe to assume that his brief stay was brutish and nasty. As he was not trained for keeping the peace, we all anxiously awaited his swift return. Mom would periodically switch his bedsheets for fresh ones. Alas, this hope was not met in the way we would have chosen.

But that is no reason to give up the hope.

Mike's 20-year tour of duty is over now. No more enemy fire. No more bare-bones freeze-dried existences. No more malicious peer pressure. No more ostracism from the supposedly enlightened secular masses of the public school system. Mike is in a better place now, far superior to anything achievable on this world in this life.

I hear the words of sympathy between many of you, particularly the lament that little Ike will never meet either of his uncles. For Tom, I can only pray that God guides him back to the flock. But as for Mike, you mustn't forget, he will meet Mike! Ike can look forward to the day where he sheds the imperfections of this trial life and experiences the real thing. The next life will make up for everything.

I know I'm not the only one who has felt it - there is a mysterious, ominous presence these days. It feeds on the dead of night, on lonely alleyways and abandoned buildings. It's something empty... and yet, something positively forceful.

I have no illuminating label for this... thing, but rest assured, it will not be present in the next life. It's just one more trial we have to wait out, one more pitfall we have to escape. Secure yourselves against these outside dangers and they will soon enough fade from your worrying minds.

A better life awaits us, a life of complete security and perfect contentment. Our mortal lives are but a means to that end.

Mix #68, an infiltration, made in August of 2007.


French Connection
Date: 8/31/2007
Who's lost, I'm lost fer sure but I was never there in the first place wherever 'there' is. As for me after I die I'm compost and that's it! Nice mix though.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 9/2/2007
First, the mix: Great overall mood and flow and some phenomenal picks, The opener, the whole 7-11 stretch and the closing pair for example. Simply marvelous. Then there is the text. I am amazed that I have not discovered your mixes before, the story is provocative, engaging and adds another dimension to the mix. If you see a bunch of random comments to old submittals it will probably be me exploring your back catalogue. Well done.