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The 253 Boys  Oh Sweet England  
Sham 69  If The Kids Are United 
The Libertines  What A Waster 
Snuff  Arsehole 
Joy Division  Warsaw 
Bouncing Souls  Cracked 
The Buzzcocks  Oh Shit! 
The Clash  London's Burning 
The Smiths  Panic 
Cockney Rejects  I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 
The Specials  Friday Night, Saturday Morning 
Dropkick Murphys  Fightstarter Karaoke 
Blur  Parklife 
The Jam  A Town Called Malice 
Four Skins  Plastic Gangsters 
Minor Threat  Seeing Red 
The Misfits  We Are 138 
New York Dolls  Personality Crisis 
Blood For Blood  Ultra Violence 
The Templars  Skins and Punks 
Madness  Shut Up 
Frankie & The Flames  On Yer Bike 
Jimmy Cliff  The Harder They Come 
Social Distortion  Bad Luck 
The Business  Drinking And Driving 


I listened to these songs in an effort to get over the horrible travesty that was the English National Team on November 21, 2007. And drown myself in lager....bollocks!!
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Date: 12/12/2007
nice one, mate!