The Golden Age of Ska - Part Two (1964-69)

Artist Song
The Skatalites  Ska-Ra-Van (1964) 
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes  Over The River (1964) 
Owen & Leon Silveras  Next Door Neighbour (1964) 
The Maytals  Tell Me The Reason (1965) 
The Skatalites  Guns Of Navarone (1965) 
Prince Buster  Madness (1965) 
Lord Tanamo  I'm In The Mood For Ska (1965) 
The Deacons  Hungry Man (1965) 
Roland Alphonso  A Shot In The Dark (1965) 
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes  Rub Up, Push Up (1965) 
The Blues Busters  Wings Of A Dove (1965) 
The Maytals  My New Name (1965) 
Prince Buster  One Step Beyond (1965) 
The Blues Busters  Shame And Scandal In The Family (1965) 
The Rulers  Copasetic (1966) 
Rolando Al & The Soul Brothers  Phoenix City (1966) 
Desmond Dekker  It's A Shame (1986) 
The Silvertones  True Confession (1966) 
The Soul Brothers  Lawless Street (1966) 
Desmond Dekker  007 (Shanty Town) (1967) 
Dandy Livingstone  Rudy, A Message To You (1967) 
The Ethiopians  Train To Skaville (1967) 
Desmond Dekker  Keep A Cool Head (1967) 
The Paragons  The Tide Is High (1967) 
The Cats  Swan Lake (1968) 
The Ethiopians  Come On Now (1968) 
Desmond Dekker  The Israelites (1968) 
Harry J. All Stars   Liquidator (1969) 
The Pioneers  Long Shot Kick De Bucket (1969) 
The Maytals  Monkey Man (1969) 


This is the inevitable "Part Two" to the "Part One" I submitted recently! The 'Golden Age of Ska' was very much a Sixties phenomenon: none of the music recorded in Jamaica before 1960 could be described as "Ska" and by 1970 Jamaican music had 'moved on' leaving Ska behind. This CD starts off where the previous volume ended: slap-bang in the middle of the decade with Ska's uniquely synchopated sound at the peak of its popularity. I know there are many who prefer the sophistication and mellower sounds of the Jamaican styles which followed Ska's demise but, for me, Reggae's laid-back rhythms can never compete with the energy and excitement which bursts out of every groove on these records.


Rob Conroy
Date: 2/14/2008
Again, genius. Please let's set up a trade for this series at your earliest convenience, good sir.
Date: 2/15/2008
This, and its predecessor, look superb. Great work! :)
Sean Lally
Date: 2/15/2008
Also super great!
Date: 2/18/2008
Man, this is really rad.
Date: 3/23/2008
Desmond Dekker is the king, plus Maytals and Ethiopians, love it.