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CD | Theme - Narrative
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CD | Theme - Narrative

Theory of Subjectivity

Artist Song
Sondre Lerche  Dan in Real Life 
The Decemberists  The Crane Wife I and II 
The Decemberists  The Crane Wife III 
The Dismemberment Plan  Ellen and Ben 
John Vanderslice  Dear Sarah Shu 
The Shins  Young Pilgrims 
The Decemberists  16 Military Wives 
Elvis Costello and the Attractions  The Loved Ones 
Belle and Sebastian  Dear Catastrophe Waitress 
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  Rappaport's Testament: I Never Gave Up 
They Might Be Giants  Ana Ng 
Sondre Lerche  Dan and Marie Melody 
Nickel Creek  Robin and Marian 
Animal Collective  Derek 
Sondre Lerche  Dan and Marie Finale Theme 
Joanna Newsom  Emily 
The Decemberists  Of Angels and Angles 


"Hey, Ellen, join the party."

"Huh, some party. Where's... um..."

"Upstairs working on a philosophy paper. Probably doubting our existence as we speak."

"Oh, that morality topic? Put it off until the night before, huh?"

"No, no, he's been working on it day and night. He just hasn't accomplished anything yet."

"Well, he really should just go the narrative route."

"Yeah, that's the trick, waste a page on the story of Hitler feeling a little sad at the end of the day."

"Ha, and then there were three. Hey, Ann. No, I mean, do the same thing Jesus did. Just-"

"-claim to be God and get an entire wedding party drunk?"

"No, I'm talking about the parts that Thomas Jefferson didn't cut. Particularly the parables. Jesus was a smart guy, he knew that story was pretty much the most powerful language-based way to communicate morality. The Beatitudes are nice, yes, but only a well-crafted attempt to present someone else's shoes can crack the heart of someone determined to live poorly."

"Well, sure, because only the shoe-wearer can truly determine what's right and what's wrong."

"Uh, close, Carrie, but I'd say 'discover' instead of 'determine'. The prodigal son's brother could have decided to hold the undeserved pardon against both father and son, but that path doesn't lead to morality. You don't get to determine that spite is moral, you get to discover that it's immoral."

"Ehh... it depends on the situation."

"Well... if you say that spite or some other vice might sometimes be appropriate, well then I lack the infinite knowledge to rebuke you. But I'd have to experience it to believe it. Experience is key."

"Great, Ellen, then next time Shane annoys you, you can kill him and experience the wrongness of murder."

"Come on, Ann, he's gotten better. Anyway, that's why I say go the narrative route. Experience is the only way to learn morality in an authentic, face-to-face way, but parables are the greatest proxy. The better the story, the more realistic and the more universal and the more relateable, the more likely that its readers can understand and accept the moral conclusions. Cain suffered so that we could learn to avoid his lot."


Date: 3/29/2008
Nickel Creek is the real highlight here. One of my favorite albums.