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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Theme - Narrative

HALLOWEEN V: The Revenge of the Definitive Album

Side A
Artist Song
Alan Howarth  Halloween 5 - The Revenge (1989) 
The Ramones  Psycho Therapy (1983) 
Gnarls Barkley  Crazy (2006)  
Rob Zombie  Feel So Numb (2001) 
INXS  Devil Inside (1988) 
P.F. Sloan  Halloween Mary (1966)  
Thin Lizzy  Dancing In the Moonlight (1977) 
Messer Chups  Intro Monstro Crescendo (2004) 
Japan  Halloween (1980) 
The Cramps  Human Fly (1978) 
Misfits  Ghouls Night Out (1981) 
AC/DC  Night Prowler (1979) 
Ozzy Osbourne  Diary of a Madman (1981) 
Uriah Heep  Fires of Hell (Your Only Son) (1995) 
Goblin  Zombi (1978) 
Side B
The Ghastly Ones  Ghastly Stomp (1998) 
The Ramones  Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment (1977) 
The Grateful Dead  Mindbender (Confusion's Prince) (1965) 
Rob Zombie  Superbeast (1999) 
Talking Heads  Psycho Killer (1977) 
Lou Reed  Halloween Parade (1989) 
White Sister  Dancin' On Midnight (1989) 
Messer Chups  Vincent Price Is Coming to Russia (2008) 
Misfits  Return of the Fly (1978/1995) 
Siouxsie & the Banshees  Halloween (1981) 
Cabrera  Spooks Night Out (1998) 
Thin Lizzy  Killer On the Loose (1980) 
Alice Cooper  I Love the Dead (1973) 
Ozzy Osbourne  Shot In the Dark (1986) 
Blue Oyster Cult  Fire of Unknown Origin (1981) 
The Marketts  Out of Limits (1964) 


"Dedicated to the memory of Judith Barsi".

Again, I rise from the grave.....for... Halloween....

110 minutes long. My fifth Halloween album in the Definitive line, started back in 2006 and going every year since.

This time it's based on Halloween 5, more of the same like Halloween IV. Jamie's weird psychic connection with her uncle Mike, and the mandatory quantity of mutilated teenage bodies. Halloween 5 (the movie) starts with Jamie in a mental health care facility for children.

If you don't know who Judith Barsi is, please do some research. She has nothing to do with Halloween, but she is a kid so it falls in with Halloween 5's main lead Jamie (Danielle Harris). And I've been thinking alot about Judith recently too.

Happy Halloween Judith.
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controlled catastrophe
Date: 4/27/2011
Excellent ;)