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The World Is Made Of Energy

Artist Song
Songs To Wear Pants To  Wake Up 
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes  The Rainbow Connection 
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers  I'm A Litle Airplane 
Weezer  All My Friends Are Insects 
The Apples In Stereo  Energy 
Cake  Mahna, Mahna 
They Might Be Giants  Clap Your Hands 
Billy Bragg & Wilco  Hoodoo Voodoo 
Ween  Loop De Loop 
Georgia & August Greenberg  Georgia Sings Yes 
Beck  Funky Lil' Song 
Space Balloons  Grapes 
Charles Spearin  Vittoria 
Belle And Sesbastian  The Monkeys Are Breaking Out the Zoo 
Brak  I Love You, Baby 
Irish Rovers  The Unicorn Song 
The Terrible Twos  Amelia Minor 
The Beach Boys  Vegetables 
Julia Nunes  Pizza 
The Free Design  Kites Are Fun 
Andrew Bird  Bein' Green 
Syd Barrett  Effervescing Elephant 
Ben Folds  Golden Slumbers 
Mark Kozelek  Bedtime Lullaby 
The Terrible Twos  Whispering the Melody 
Dean & Britta  Making Me Smile 
Cornelius  Sleep Warm 
Tom Waits  Bend Down the Branches 
The Beatles  Good Night 


A co-worker who's a big music fan recently had a kid - we're all pitching in for a gift, but I figured I'd also attempt an adult-friendly children's music mix. Not everything was specifically written for children, but I tried to think of specific songs by "adult" artists that might appeal to kids and be appropriate for them.