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BC-60: Part 1

Artist Song
Outlets  Best Friend 
Trona  Red Hot Slag  
Taxi Boys  I Can't Kick 
Cherry 2000  Marlboro  
The Queers  Ursula Finally Has Tits  
The Vivs  Eiffel Tower  
Apple Betty  I Saw a Crime  
Come  Saints Around My Neck  
Morphine  Cure For Pain  
SALEM 66  Sleep on flowers 
Pray for Polanski  Subway Song 
Pastiche  Boston Lullaby 
Pixies  I've Been Tired  
The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library  Amylee  
Twig  Wee Little Metal Heads 
Helium  XXX 
Ad Frank  The Ticket Was Non-Refundable  
Parlour Bells  O Holiday  
Throwing Muses  Counting Backwards  
Seana Carmody  You and Your Sister 
Sarah RabDAU  Queen of the Castle 
Christmas  Richard Nixon 
Muck And The Mires  King of the Beat 
Upper Crust  Rabble Rouser 
Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents  Keeping Time  
Lyres  Give Your Love To Me 
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper  Penny Licks  
turkish delight  Blue Wing 
Human Sexual Response  What Does Sex Mean To Me-  
Mission of Burma  Academy Fight Song  


Bob Colby is a long-time follower of (and participator in) the Boston rock scene - The Real Kids' "Do The Boob" was inspired by him, and saw The Modern Lovers in 1970, back when they were going by The Highway Dance Band. This was the house music I provided between bands at an all-day show in honor of his 60th birthday. The majority of these bands or songs were requested by Colby himself, and almost all of the acts represented have some sort of history in Boston. Posted in three parts because of the limits on how many tracks a mix can have.