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BC-60: Part 2

Artist Song
Gang Green  Alcohol 
Big Dipper  She's Fetching 
Scruffy The Cat  My Baby She's Allright 
Volcano Suns  Jak 
Fuzzy  Flashlight 
Reddy Teddy  Goo-Goo Eyes 
The Raging Teens  That's How I Like It 
The Modern Lovers  Someone I Care About 
Dogmatics  Gimme the Shakes 
The Proletariat  Options 
The Rudds  Something Great 
The Flies  All Hung Up 
Belly  Gepetto 
Consonant  John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" 
FOX PASS  Hurry Cherie 
turbines  rules of the road 
Devotions  I'm Not There 
The Dents  Little Red Pill 
Thrills  Hey! (Not Another Face In The Crowd) 
Syrup USA  Thrill Fit 
Del Fuegos  I Always Call Her Back 
Unnatural Ax  They Saved Hitler's Brain 
The Neighborhoods  No Place Like Home 
The Prime Movers  Come To Where It's At 
The Varmints  Boston Cream 
La Peste  Better Off Dead 
Watts  Dancehall Days & Nights 
The Gravel Pit  Favorite 
Mary Timony  Return to Pirates 
360's  Texas 


Bob Colby is a long-time follower of (and participator in) the Boston rock scene - The Real Kids' "Do The Boob" was inspired by him, and saw The Modern Lovers in 1970, back when they were going by The Highway Dance Band. This was the house music I provided between bands at an all-day show in honor of his 60th birthday. The majority of these bands or songs were requested by Colby himself, and almost all of the acts represented have some sort of history in Boston. Posted in three parts because of the limits on how many tracks a mix can have.