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drag your feet to slow the circles down.

Side A
Artist Song
teenage fanclub  ain't that enough. 
leonard cohen  so long, marianne. 
sebadoh  kath 
elliott smith  i'd better be quiet now. 
lullaby for the working class  the wounded spider. 
crooked fingers  under sad stars. 
bright eyes.  a song to pass the time. 
belle & sebastian  get me away from here, i'm dying 
modest mouse  polar opposites. 
radiohead   prove yourself 
my bloody valentine.  when you sleep 
guided by voices  under water explosions. 
Side B
R.E.M.  try not to breathe. 
hayden  tragedy. 
neutral milk hotel  two headed boy. 
eli mardock  beyond my flesh. 
lullaby for the working class  this is as close as we get. 
cat power  wild is the wind. 
darktown house band.   black coffee. 
joni mitchell  the circle game. 
the beatles.  a day in the life. 
pavement  major leagues. 
eli mardock  wild mountain thyme. 


i got sad tonight. i wanted to send my boy a copy of the catcher in the rye for him to pass the hours with. i send him tea bags and pictures and drawings and song lyrics and poems. and then this tape. to depress the life out of him. i was on the floor by the end. maybe it is just these songs to me. the title is from the joni mitchell song. my mom told me to listen to that song when she saw me carrying around the catcher. because she knew i was making a tape. and she was right. the song was perfect for the tape and for the book.


Rob Conroy
Date: 6/21/2001
Another in a series of absolutely breathtaking mixes from Ms. Lisbon... and this is with only half of her record collection present. Special kudos to her choice of My Bloody Valentine and Bright Eyes songs. :-)
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/21/2001
Oh yeah, and the amazing Neutral Milk Hotel song.
Date: 6/22/2001
cheers, cheers, cheers... and the crowd goes wild....