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Prepare For Battle!

Artist Song
Immediate Music  Lacrimosa Dominae 
Europe  The Final Countdown  
Electric Light Orchestra  Fire On High  
Iron Maiden  The Trooper  
Cheap Trick  Mighty Wings  
M÷tley Crne  Kickstart My Heart 
Pelican  Lost in the Headlights  
Mot÷rhead  Ace Of Spades 
Dick Dale & The Del-Tones  Miserlou 
Judas Priest  Breaking The Law  
Secret Chiefs 3  Book T - Exodus  
Led Zeppelin  Immigrant Song  
Kaki King  Great Round Burn  
Iron Horse  The Four Horsemen 
Calexico  Muleta  
Queen  Who Wants To Live Forever  


This is intended as part of a birthday present for a friend. There's a heavy basis in classic rock, eighties metal and the like, but I just wanted to make it a mix of songs I consider "epic" sounding. Seven of these tracks are instrumentals, and I think that's the most instrumentals I've put on one mix not meant for myself.