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you're going to wake from this coma.

Side A
Artist Song
hayden  my parent's house. 
lullaby for the working class  this is as close as we get. 
neutral milk hotel  in the aeroplane over the sea. 
bright eyes  something vague. 
modest mouse  polar opposites. 
belle & sebastian  sleep the clock around. 
pinback  crutch. 
sebadoh  spoiled. 
cursive  sink to the beat. 
pavement  cream of gold. 
the pixies  cecilia ann 
depeche mode  photographic. 
the faint  victim convinence. 
Side B
songs: ohia  the black crow. 
the black heart procession  waterfront [the sinking road] 
radiohead  bullet proof [i wish i was] 
the stone roses  made of stone. 
trembling blue stars  sometimes i still feel the bruise. 
belle & sebastian  simple things. 
crooked fingers  a little bleeding. 
elliott smith  between the bars 
matthew sweet  thought i knew you. 
simon joyner  bring down goliath 
bright eyes  a line allows prgress, a circle does not. 


this is for scott while he drives around for hours a day for his job. an introduction to what my fall to "saddle creek" music did to me ... something that i got a lot of shit for at the time. the songs are all of my favorites, so they appear all too often on my tapes. and "a line allows progress, a circle does not" was for him and his new life goals.


lux lisbon12
Date: 6/27/2001
in omaha. and growing up in the hands of my older sister who spoon fed me wonderful epitaph bands, the saddle creek fall is a much dreaded fall. but one that i am more than happy with. for me, but for scott it was just one more thing spliting the two of us. and now five years later, i make him a tape to explain myself.
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/27/2001
A fine mix, Ms. Lisbon.
Date: 11/9/2001
i love, love, love this.
Date: 12/27/2001
we need to trade :)