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The Purple Alligator Swimming In His Cup Of Tea

Artist Song
The Shots  Keep Hold Of What You've Got 
Fire  Father's Name Is Dad 
The Flies  I'm Not Your Stepping Stone 
The Smoke  My Friend Jack 
Pussy  All Of My Life 
The Poets  In Your Tower 
Marc Bolan  The Third Degree 
Tintern Abbey  Vacuum Cleaner 
The Magic Worms  Green Mello Hill 
Orange Bicycle  Laura's Garden 
Paul Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames  Come On Back 
The Birds  No Good Without You, Baby 
The Syn  24 Hour Technicolor Dream 
The End  Shades Of Orange 
The Accent  Red Sky At Night 
Keith Shield  Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) 
Chiitra Neogy  Leilla 
The New Breed  Unto Us 
Virgin Sleep  Secret 
The Poets  Wooden Spoon 
Mark Four  I'm Leaving 
Human Instinct  A Day In My Mind's Mind 


Brit madness and Psychedelia from the vaults.Brit psych was very different from it's US counterpart. More about Pixies and Teapots and stuff, rather than acid trips and overthrowing the powers that be. Different, but no less interesting, I hope. Not much terribly well-known stuff here, apart from Marc Bolan. The Birds had Ron Wood on guitar, The Keith Shield track is a Donovan cover, and the title comes from The Magic Worms track. Light the incense and enjoy.


Date: 12/29/2001
very very cool.
James Russell
Date: 12/30/2001
Hee, you've got some of the same CDs as me! This stuff is indeed all good. "Father's Name Is Dad" is probably the best old song I only discovered for the first time this year...
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/16/2002
Again, nice stuff.
Date: 4/22/2002
This looks so good that I think I need to hear it. Wanna trade?
Mike Pike Set
Date: 5/4/2002
Hi again Gerry!
Do you have something more with Chiitra Neogy?
Really cool tune!
I loved your mixes BTW! on the chill out cd there was some scratches, i couldn't play the 2 last songs on the cd! Maybe you send me another copy if we trade some more!
Have a nice holiday!
Date: 7/13/2002
Well kids...., you may be looking at this, thinking about a trade. DO IT! This one is "the pure stuff!" (The Syn is Peter Banks and Chris Squire, who would later be in the first lineup of Yes..., a GEM of British Psych'....!!!) So, look further into Gerry's mind/vault---but WRITE THIS DOWN....."MUST HAVE"...!
Date: 7/13/2002
Oh, funny thing....I asked him the SAME question about Chiitra may too.
Date: 9/19/2002
Valis is right. This is a "must hear" Who would have thought this was the beginning of an endless run of incredible mixes! Oh yes, I just love Shades of Orange by the End, as well as most of the other stuff.
Date: 12/8/2003
I would have to say, Gerry, that this is my fave rave mix of yours. I think this is what God sounds like...