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I Need This False Dichotomy

Artist Song
Alkaline Trio  Private Eye 
Deftones  Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) 
Silverchair  Israel's Son 
Lighthouse  Sick Cycle Carousel 
Pearl Jam  Yellow Ledbetter 
Blue Oyster Cult  Don't Fear the Reaper 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Suck My Kiss 
Finger Eleven  Slow Chemical 
ZZ Top  Velcro Fly 
Travis  Pipe Dreams 
Stone Temple Pilots  Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin cover) 
Radiohead  Idioteque (incomplete) 


Mix #3. I started hitting my stride with this one, made in March of 2002. This was my favorite mix until I made my 7th, although I now regard the 4th as slightly better. I consider nearly every song to be a sort of highlight, which is the ideal with mixes. The last track is incomplete (stops right after "We're not scaremongering") because of some malfunction with the burner or with the software used, but it fit somewhat with the sudden end of the book emulated. And if you've read the book in question, you'll understand the significance of track 9.

The book theme is Stephen King's Dark Tower III: The Wastelands. The secondary theme is painful REALIZATION of one's situation.


Date: 3/27/2005
I like the sound of this one, including some of my favourite tracks from these particular bands (The Radiohead, RHCP, Pearl Jam and Blue Oyster Cult in particular). Nice job. (By the way, I realized after I received your comment on my Covers mix that it was accidentally posted incomplete! It wouldn't let me edit properly, so I've re-posted it. You may want to check it out to see the last few tracks which didn't first appear.)