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Cost/Benefit Analysis of a Long Day

Artist Song
Verve  Bittersweet Symphony 
10,000 Maniacs  Because the Night (live Springsteen cover) 
Soundgarden  Head Down 
Libertines  What a Waster 
They Might Be Giants  We Want a Rock 
Mad at Gravity  Walk Away 
Dismemberment Plan  Automatic 
Finger Eleven  Famous 
Incubus  Just a Phase 
Foo Fighters  Weenie Beenie 
Coral  Dreaming of You 
Korn  Alone I Break 
Radiohead  Ripcord 
Default  Somewhere 
Matchbox 20  Long Day (acoustic) 
Green Day  Waiting 
Stone Temple Pilots  Meatplow 
TRUSTcompany  Downfall 
Tom Petty  A Higher Place 


Mix #12. Made in December of 2002. Book theme was Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full (first non-King! But I relapsed with the thirteenth mix). Secondary theme was responses to TRIBULATION both noble and shameful. Thematically, the flow is pretty good. But looking over it, I have to admit that the musical flow is at times awful. They Might Be Giants to nu-metal? Korn to early Radiohead? Oh well. The next mix redeemed me and began a string of increasingly good mixes that continues to this day.