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CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Theme - Narrative

For I Have Sinned

Artist Song
Gomez  Even Song 
Wrens  She Sends Kisses 
Oasis  Sad Song (acoustic) 
Palace Music  Brute Choir 
Nina Nastasia  I Say That I Will Go 
Thermals  Time to Lose 
Cursive  Bloody Murderer 
Air  Run 
Dismemberment Plan  Jitters (creepshow mix by NESter) 
Juno  All Your Friends Are Comedians 
Hot Snakes  Why Does it Hurt? 
Afghan Whigs  Gentlemen 
Mogwai  You Don't Know Jesus 
Nirvana  Marigold 
Emery  Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes 
Sublime  Same in the End 
Chisel  The Unthinkable is True 
Jet  Look What You've Done 
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers  Have Love, Will Travel 
Ben Folds Five  Evaporated 
Radiohead  Motion Picture Soundtrack (acoustic) 


Mix #28, made in April of 2004. The book theme is Dostoevsky's Crime & Punishment. The secondary theme is RESTITUTION. This is a mix about acknowledging misdeeds and the penance that follows.


Date: 4/21/2004
you seem to know what you're talking about so i plan on checking out all of your mixes. this is the first one i've looked at. thanks for the nice comments
Date: 5/2/2004
What I recognize looks very interesting.... You seem to do very well maintaining theme. Thanks for checking my mix.
Date: 5/11/2004
Aw, freaking "Marigold." What a great damned song! I was going to put some version of the Radiohead track on a future mix, so it's nice to see it here, too.