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Absurdity is Beautiful

Artist Song
They Might Be Giants  Older 
Echo and the Bunnymen  People are Strange (Doors cover) 
Morcheeba  Let Me See 
Chisel  In Our Time 
Animal Collective  Sweet Road 
Flaming Lips  Knives Out 
Ex-Models  Kool Killer 
Pixies  I Bleed 
Idlewild  Safe and Sound 
Uncle Tupelo  A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan cover) 
Norah Jones  Don't Know Why 
High Llamas  Checking In, Checking Out 
Sondre Lerche  Sleep on Needles 
Shins  Mine's Not a High Horse 
Super Furry Animals  Receptacle For the Respectable 
Styx  Kiss Your Ass Goodbye 
Kind of Like Spitting  Dostoevsky Gets Mugged Outside a Donut Shop in New Jersey 
Death Cab For Cutie  A Lack of Color 
Bright Eyes  Don't Know When But a Day's Gonna Come 
Mark Lanegan  Death Don't Have No Mercy 
Brian Vander Ark  When I'm Gone 
Mason Jennings  Living in the Moment 
They Might Be Giants  Don't Let's Start 


Mix #29. Made in May of 2004. The book theme is The Stranger and The Myth of Sisyphus, both by Albert Camus. The secondary theme is ALTERNATION. This one was really a jumble when I started on it, but I think it came together very nicely at the end. The title is culled from the book theme and lyrics from the last track.


James Jackson
Date: 5/28/2004
This is mighty good!
Date: 5/28/2004
Excellent stuff - like the E&TB and Sondre Lerche; one of my favourite Idlewild tracks too.
Date: 5/28/2004
sondre lerche, shins, pixies, mason jennings...all sooo good!
Date: 6/2/2004
Albert Camus was not only an existentialist author, he was also an accomplished football,(soccer) player at international level as a goal keeper. An ideal inspiration therefore for such an eclectic mix that draws together music that swings - physical as well as intellectual!! Nice One.
Dead Heaven
Date: 2/20/2007
wow.. I cant believe I just found this mix NOW. It looks great! eclectic and compelling.... you might be interested in my mix... "The Myth of Sisyphus" check it out if you'd like! Once more, bravo on this excellent compilation of music.