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Living in a Post-World World

Artist Song
Modest Mouse  3rd Planet  
Wilco  Outta Mind (Outta Sight)  
Travis Morrison  Song for the Orca  
International Pop Overthrow  Comedy of Errors 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  There She Goes My Beautiful World 
The Mars Volta  Son et Lumiere 
The Mars Volta  Inertiatic Esp  
Aqualung  Left Behind  
Bjork  All Neon Like 
The Beatles  I Am the Walrus  
The Dismemberment Plan  A Life of Possibilities  
The Secret Machines  Nowhere Again 
Weezer  Death and Destruction  
The Postal Service  Against the Odds (Phil Collins cover) 
Modest Mouse  Karma's Payment  
Radiohead  Paranoid Android  
They Might Be Giants  Memo to Human Resources  
Belle & Sebastian  The Rollercoaster Ride 
The Pixies  Where is My Mind? 


...and 22 days later, it comes. Mix #42, a demolition. Inspired in part by Douglas Adams', you guessed it, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But just in part...there some other unrelated themes I mixed in to form a semi-cohesive storyline. Also, it's not nearly as funny as the book. Or even the movie. But I had the mix it in, y'know, cuz it's my 42nd mix and whatnot. The basic idea: boy meets girl, boy immediately loses girl, supposedly lesser life forms repeatedly try to warn boy and his fellow humans of impending doom, said doom occurs, load of alienation and angst plays out, an odd sort of salvation comes about, alienation and angst continue nonetheless, boy realizes the joys of being sullen and unlikable, boy drops these joys when told of a plan to reverse the aforementioned doom, boy finds out to his dismay that the plan has been trashed, boy is named 6 billionth customer and receives a complimentary lobotomy. That sort of thing. Like the English Patient with more dolphins.


Date: 6/16/2005
Cool mix full of great choices (and with a great inspiration)! Love the Wilco, Bjork, Secret Machines, Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, Pixies, and especially Dismemberment Plan and solo Travis Morrison. Most tradeworthy.
Date: 8/27/2005
very cool, the idea as well as the tracks =)