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To Make a Change

Artist Song
Joe Strummer  Redemption Song [Bob Marley] 
Andrew Bird & Nora O'Connor  Oh Sister [Bob Dylan] 
Lars Frederiksen  To Have And Have Not [Billy Bragg] 
the Ramones  Needles & Pins [the Searchers] 
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Ooby Dooby [Roy Orbison] 
Johnny Cash w/Fiona Apple  Father & Son [Cat Stevens] 
Elvis Costello  Bama Lama Bama Loo [Little Richard] 
Tom Waits  Somewhere ["West Side Story"] 
Francesco de Gregori  Non Dirle Che Non E' Cosi [Dylan] 
Los Lobos  What's Going On [Marvin Gaye; live] 
Bob Dylan  This Old Man [traditional] 
Rancid  Sheena Is a Punk Rocker [the Ramones] 
Steve Wynn  Crazy Feeling [Lou Reed; live] 
Neil Young  Imagine [John Lennon] 
Bob Dylan  Red Cadillac & a Black Moustache [Warren Smith] 
Blue Ash  Dusty Old Fairgrounds [Dylan] 
Sonic Youth  Superstar [the Carpenters] 
John Cale  Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen] 
Dwight Yoakam  Truckin' [Grateful Dead] 
Blind Melon  Three Is a Magic Number ["Schoolhouse Rock!"] 
Brian Wilson  Sweets For My Sweet [the Drifters et. al.] 
Green Day  My Generation [the Who] 
Hayseed Dixie  You Shook Me All Night Long [AC/DC] 



Date: 10/2/2005
Date: 10/2/2005
Looks like a cool set of covers. BTW the Carpenters were not the first to do "Superstar;" there are older versions with racier lyrics than Karen could bring herself to sing.
Date: 10/2/2005
There's so much to smile about on this mix. Strummer SY and JC in particular. By the way did you stick Hayseed at the end of this mix because they're a bit rubbish?
Date: 10/2/2005
i would love a copy of this.
joey de vivre
Date: 10/2/2005
Some interesting hand-offs here from original to cover version. I would not have thought of most of these performers
picking up these particular tunes.
Date: 10/3/2005
I'm not crazy about cover versions but this is a good one.
Date: 10/4/2005
Nice one.
Date: 10/5/2005
Wow! I have never had so many comments! Thanks for all the kind words, people! I sincerely appreciate every one of them. Perhaps I'll do a volume II (though, as always, the sequel will probably pale).

Sammyg: no, I actually I like Hayseed Dixie. they're a one-joke band, but I dig the musicianship.

Mixxer: I did not know that, though I did hear a very slinky, soulful version of Superstar at Tower the other day and was bowled away.

To all who imply a trade: I am very sorry, but my copying capacity is limited. I have a stereo unit that will not make copies of copies. Thus, to make a copy of this, I'd have to spend another 2 hours making it again by hand. This just isn't productive, and I don't have that kind of time. So I really am sorry --- I'd love to trade with some of you --- but it's not feasible.
Erock Music
Date: 10/8/2005
As a general rule, I loathe covers, but this is altogether rather nice. Good job.