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I made this mix for a friend who I am slowly but surely introducing the wonderful world of goth. A lot of these songs/artists are on the last mix I made, mostly because I love them so. Personally I thi …
ok, so this isn't really goth, but it is pretty dark. this is my first attempt to make a mix with darkwave or ebm because i'm still pretty new to the genre. these are songs that i have discovered i am  …
I just discovered this site this week and am reeling in awe of how cool it is. I have so many mixes that I have done over the years that I want to share, but don't want to overdo it. At any rate, this  …
The purpose of this compilation was to emphasize the harsher and angstier elements of early 1980s Gothic Rock and Post Punk. Reluctant omissions include: Fields Of The Nephilim, Virgin Prunes, Specimen …
A mix as what the title says. This might be a first volume, but I am looking for more songs though. Please if you have any suggestions let me know. I wanted to make a mix celebrating that special day i …
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