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More Gems from my frie_nd Jim's Grinder's Grooveyard (late '50s to late '60s R&B).
1 out of 6 songs are performed by the Staple Singers (pictured). In second place is Stefan, who didn't have any big hits, but was good enough for me to include him here twice. This mix is just over 58. …
My radio show from 3/2/09 on KDVS in Davis, CA. First half is soul and funk from the '60s, second half from the '00s. See the whole playlist here:
More Gems from my frie_nd Jim's collection of 45s. Following the peak year of the song is given the R&B ch_art position, followed by (after a comma) the Pop ch_art position. The average year of the mix …
A soulful, mostly mellow sound that had a short life in the mid '70s (thanks mostly to Philadelphia International Records).
This is the mix I made for a night bike ride, perfect for coasting down quiet streets. title from the strummer track
This is mostly an R and B mix. I put some hip hop songs here and there like The Game and EPMD. I like some smooth music to set the mood. "Let's Ride" is such a slick song. I like Montell's voice. I rem …
This and the last part of this mix were aided by the mixmeister program. With it I roughly sorted songs by their beats per minute. This part is a bit slower/mellower than the first part. This part also …
Rockin' Jim, a frie_nd of mine who has his own program on the radio Monday nights (on KPOO) and who shared his last day at the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper with myself, was born in 1947. Using Joe …
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