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CD | Single Artist
The great Don Walser has passed away.
CD | Theme
May the spirit that created this timeless music never be extinguished. If you haven't already, please give what you can to help the victims of this nightmare.
CD | Jazz
More great songwriters, more great artists. One great set of standards deserves another. It kicks off with one of my favorite songs ever, which was, along with the movie Casablanca, the inspiration for …

Franklin Onn12's Last Three Favorite Mixes

by valis
CD | Pop
The immortal valis .......... forever lighting the dark recesses. Melodious, melancholic, mysterious, mind-expanding, this is an amazing mix, truly one of the best I've heard in a good while. Song sele …
CD | Mixed Genre
The first disk in gerry's "roots of Dylan" series. A great blend of early folk, blues, and country, with a little comtemporary stuff thrown in for spice. Just marvelous. I'm sure Bob would agree as wel …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
I admit I was just a little bit skeptical about this series because I'm not a big folk music fan. But these disks are wonderful. A great blend of rootsy music, old and new. And a lot of fun! What more  …

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