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Cassette | Country
Bernie and Gaylan would like to thank Stag Beer for their continued support of the workin' man blues. The Bruce is for Brother Funky, the McMurtry is for my Uncle Daryl, the Tom is for Tom, as always,  …
Cassette | Country
This particular edition rooted in Come Monday being forgotten the first time around. This time, it's much less overtly cheezy than its predecessor..In fact, a good bit of it is pretty far from Nashvill …
Cassette | Country
Like other popular themes that the Redneck series has encompassed, this could have gone on ad infinitum, but these particular tunes seemed to work well together. Thanks to Terry for accidently lending  …
Cassette | Country
I'm not sure if this is redneck 10 or monkey 12, but it is what it is, I reckon. Ofelia is dedicated to doowadette's bisabuela of the same name.
Cassette | Country
Speaking from personal experience, Neil had it about right.
Cassette | Country
I cain't hide what I am, I haf to be sad when I should and not laugh at nuthin, eat when my stomach's growlin' and not sit around waitin' for someone who ain't gonna come, sleep when I'm tard and not g …
Cassette | Country
The title comes from an offhand comment on one of my early mixes. Compost here because these songs represent the tracks that never quite found a home on the other redneck mixes so I just threw the lot  …
Cassette | Country
Obviously, I could have made a 10 CD series about each of these `themes', but these were the standout tunes. And I know the CDs are set up "Drivin' & Drinkin'" but it just don't have the same ring, do  …
Cassette | Country
The redneck series takes on the Nacoville Sound (naco in the gringo sense, not the paisano sense, eh Victor?). Not all of it follows the same path, but a very wise man once said not to expect anything  …
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