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CD | Theme
This is the inevitable "Part Two" to the "Part One" I submitted recently! The 'Golden Age of Ska' was very much a Sixties phenomenon: none of the music recorded in Jamaica before 1960 could be describe …
CD | Theme
I seem to switch backwards and forwards between the various musical genres I love, spending weeks on end listening exclusively to one particular style of music (or even one group) until a random moment …
CD | Pop
I've posted 20 mixes over the years... but it suddenly occurs to me that there isn't a single track on any of them from the last 30 years! So it may come as a surprise to some that I do infact own and  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Having got so much out of compiling a mix of my very favourite songs from the second half of the 60s, it was a no-brainer for me to attempt the same treatment of the first half of the same decade! I ga …
CD | Mixed Genre
(I used to do this quite a lot. And then I didn't.) I know a lot of people make CDs for friends to try and introduce them to a band they 'should' like or even to re-educate them about a particular styl …
CD | Theme
I've posted quite a few 'two-parters' lately and most of them could easily be continued onto third and fourth volumes. This one however was always going to be (at least!) a four-parter, since I'd put T …
CD | Theme
Part Two! One more Boswell Sisters track and plenty more Mills Brothers songs (just to keep you happy, Mr Lally!)...along with several tracks from the other great proto-Doo Wop group - The Ink Spots. ( …
CD | Theme
Some people enjoy extreme sports (sky-diving, bungee jumping, para-gliding, etc,) but personally I prefer 'extreme mixing' - having a relatively simple idea for a CD and taking it to such a ludicrous e …
CD | Theme
The sequel to the prequel (Rock 'n' Roll Years: 1928-45) A lot of the artists from 'part one' reappearing here to show what they had learned - T-Bone Walker, Arthur Crudup, The Delmore Brothers, etc... …
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