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"For me, it is too late in the story / To die young, or guileless..." -- Lucie Brock-Broido 'The Insignificants' "Whether I make them or not, there are always sounds to be heard and all of them are excellent." -- John Cage

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CD | Theme
by Orchid
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix both proves my rule number 1 (anything that includes Captain Beefheart is by definitition good) and disproves my rule number 2 (anything that includes Marillion is by definition bad) which is no small feat. A stroll through the back roads of classic rock with Husker Du in tow. Begs repeated listening.
CD | Electronic - Ambient
Gorgeous stuff. The sound of humidity, summer dusk, fireflies.
by strgn
CD | Mixed Genre
Definitely of a place, and the claustrophobia of wide open spaces.
by Muzag
CD | Theme
Lovingly crafted appreciation of gamelan/percussion music. Drifting through time and across continents as if in a dream.
by 2FFs
Cassette | Theme
An unimpeachable mix esthetic.
CD | Theme
Elvis never sounded better.
CD | Theme
The connecting threads pulling you along from song to song, the shifting perspectives; these aren't just murder songs and yet, they are. I'd kill to make a mix as good as this.