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CD | Mixed Genre
Yes Ladies and Gents... this is the playlist that get's BLARED when my housemates decide to have very loud, noisy, bed-squeaking sex in the room next to me without turning on some buffer-noise first. S …
CD | Mixed Genre
The theme here is obvious: Songs with Girl's Names in them. I can't claim this as an original idea for a mix (my campus paper suggested it last semester - but none of the songs mentioned on it are on t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Okay, so this is part two of my favourite slow songs list. I made an exception of my "one artist, one song" policy for Sheryl Crow. Her album Tuesday Night Music Club came out when I was 8. My parents  …

ProphecyGirl's Last Three Favorite Mixes

CD | Mixed Genre
I'll be honest: I'm actually not a fan of most of these songs, but the Mixer is prolific and I don't know any other way to bookmark him specifically so that I can go back to check out more when I have  …

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