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Just a collection of our favorites for our amigos at Art of the Mix, from traditional to just plain silly. As Lou and Judy say, have yourself a merry little Xmas!
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Te Quiero Hasta La Luna Mami, means in English, I Love You To The Moon, Mami. And Mami in English means mommy.√≠SORPRESA MAMI! Este mix es para mi Mami. Mi papi y yo le dijimos que teniamos una sorpresa …
CD | Pop
Do you know how to wash your hands? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don't. This mix is just plain silly. I think I'm really falling for Coldplay. I mean who wouldn't? Guess what?! Guess What?! Well, l …
CD | Jazz
Well, what can I say? My inspiration to make this mix was actually my dad. One day after school, (and after work) I told him that in Literacy we are listening to song that have to involve the Reconstru …
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Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! IT'S ALMOST SUMMER VACATION!!!!! My inspiration to make this mix was the Talent show our school had in early May. I put Take A Bow after Let It Be because after you  …
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Steroids Is Bad Dad says: Ever since she heard Redbird Fever a couple years ago, doowadette has been planning this mix. I had been hesitant since they stunk it up last year and then signed about every  …
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Yep, that's right I'm in the season of Homework! Yay, Fantastico, woo. No, yeah actually I really hate homework. Especially, Social Studies. Yucky! This mix mostly has songs from my Spring Fling Dance, …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
I'm just a crazy mixer right now. A six CD mix, my `salty' mix and now this. My dad told me to make a new funky monkey just like he kept on going on with my wonderful monkey CDs for me. These Songs mos …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
And now for something completely different. My dad and I were coming home from the Spring Fling dance at my school and we heard the first and last tune and I came up with the title. My dad always asks  …
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