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CD | Theme
October 2007 and this is where I found my mind. This year is quite a bit different.
Cassette | Mixed Genre
a possible part 1 of 3 autumn-inspired mixes. kudos to lo-fi for the nico and lakespeed for the galbraith. ms. bofus invested more time in this than mister. perfect riding-to-work in the autumn mist mo …
CD | Mixed Genre
compiled for lakespeed. a cd sampler for the hausmusik/kollaps/payola labels in germany. also compiling a cassette sampler culled from vinyl releases.

bofus1's Last Three Favorite Mixes

Cassette | Theme
Part of the Rock Snob series, which I am watching develop into something spectacular over time. This is my favorite so far. I *wish* I could put something like this together. Fragile, mad geniuses. (Lu …
Cassette | Mixed Genre
This mix is just sheer fun. A similar feel to Lo-Fi's "Too Much Pork...", but some of the music here is so horrid, it's beautiful. Perfect to clear a room--especially The Electronic Concept Orchestra's …
Cassette | Classical
Beautiful, sparse. Part of g.a.b.'s t-1 series of cassettes, this one is my favorite. Fabulous artwork as always, but it's the music here. Stark, beautiful, silent, nocturnal, empty. Honestly, this is  …

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