Side A
Artist Song
Nirvana  Lithium 
Mudhoney  Suck You Dry 
Soundgarden  Black Hole Son 
Pearl Jam  Even Flow 
Alice in Chains  Man in the Box 
The Fluid  My Kind 
Screaming Trees  Nearly Lost You 
Love Battery  Cool School (Trane of Thought) 
The Gits  Second Skin 
Hole  Violet 
7 Year Bitch  Knot 
Green River  Swallow My Pride 
Gas Huffer  Knife Manuel 
The Fastbacks  No Information 
Young Fresh Fellows  Right Now 
Side B


I made this mix tape for some dude in my politics class. I offered to make him a tape because he told me he was getting into "grunge" rock. Anyway, I start off with some of the grunge hard-hitters of the times, move to some of the female acts and then end with some pop/punkier side of the Northwest music scene from a decade ago.


Ben McCormick
Date: 12/2/2002
Hurrah for the Pacific Northwest. No matter how often and badly those songs are imitated, I will still be fond of them.
Date: 12/2/2002
Yeah, the Seattle scene may have been co-opted by record labels (major, that is), clothing lines, etc, but there was a time when everything good about rock and roll was coming from that region. This mix hits all the goodies...
Date: 12/3/2002
nirvana, hole, and 7 year bitch. <3
milwaukee bucks
Date: 9/8/2005
Nice stuff... Grunge is sort of a guilty leasure as time goes by. But these are all pretty guiltless. Wait til you see my Candlebox mix! hahaha... Kidding! Fun.