LANDLOCKED! Instrumentals of the Non-Surf Variety

Artist Song
Oingo Boingo  Return Of The Deadman 2 
Archers of Loaf  Smokin' Pot In The Hot City 
Link Wray  Deuces Wild 
The Josephine Wiggs Experience  Mr. B Goes Surfing 
The Groovie Ghoulies  Boothill Express 
Cake  ARCO Arena 
Mark Mothersbaugh  Edward Appleby (In Memoriam) 
Hot Buttered  Popcorn 
The Delta 72  Blow Out 
Folk Implosion  indierockinstrumental 
Vince Guaraldi Trio  Linus And Lucy 
Frank Black  Tossed (Instrumental Version) 
Metallica  Orion(Edit) 
R.E.M.  Walters Theme 
Jools Holland and his Millionaires  Bumble Boogie 
Pell Mell  Nothing Lies Still Long 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Pretty Little Ditty 
The Ginger Baker Trio  Rambler 
The Reverend Horton Heat  Big Sky 
M. Post/ P. Carpenter  "Rockford Files" Theme 
The Tiki Tones  The Slauson Shuffle 
Southern Culture on the Skids  Walleyed 
Sonic Youth  "The Simpsons" End Credits Theme 
Led Zeppelin  Bron-Yr-Aur 
Ennio Morricone  For A Few Dollars More 
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet  Siesta Cinema 
Primus  Fish On(Intro) 
The Lou Hoffner Trio Minus One  Morse Jerk 
The Breeders  S.O.S. 
Evan Lurie  Tommy Blues 


#31 Booker T & The MGs "Boot-Leg" /
#32 The Blue Hawaiians "'Sponge Bob Squarepants' End Credits Theme" /
#33 (un-listed Track) Def Leppard "Switch 625"

*This collection was a conscious attempt to side-step my usual surf instrumental preferences and focus on non-vocal songs of other genres. NOT that it's a highly diverse foray, mind you! I never operate too far off from the greasy-kids stuff aesthetic.
*One deviation from the overall guideline is the inclusion of the Pell Mell track (heard in episode re-caps of HBO's 'Six Feet Under') whose reverb and echo heavy track easily falls within 'surf' categorization. What can I say- I just HAD to have it onboard cause it so haunted my sense of self-indulgence!
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Date: 5/20/2003
This is a really marvelous piece of work. I like Zep stomping into a Few Dollars More. Well, I like it all.
Date: 5/20/2003
Superlative mix, to be sure, but check out that cover!!! A sweet piece of work!
Date: 5/21/2003
great - looks like fun!
Date: 5/21/2003
Fantastic mix... LOVE that Archers of Loaf instrumental.
Date: 11/5/2003
great job, one of my favorite mix cd's here (including the hidden track).