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Last installment for R&B in the Key of D. This one has the slowest beat of the bunch but is far from boring (this may even be the best of the three). The range of years for the mix is 1957-1975, with t …
Again, I used the MixMeister software to make this mix. For those who use the link and want to burn a CD from the files, you would need to set your options to remove any space between the tracks. This  …
Another mix put together with the aid of the MixMeister software program. Was able to squeeze all but the last 35 seconds from track 27 onto one CD. The range of years for this mix span from 1954 to 19 …
This was the result of my frie_nd Jim loaning me six more of his Groove Yard CDs. I've cherry picked what I think was the best. None of the artists are used more than once so I think it gives a good ov …
This mix was due to a tip I received from Rockin' Jim Rigsbee (from KPOO radio) who has the Grinder's Grooveyard Show on the radio every Monday night. He clued me in to the fact that Joel Whitburn now  …
When sammyg123 and avocado rabbit made their first mix together, the finished product was woefully lacking in the affirmative action, equal opportunity department. It was too damn white, we said. So th …
Jim's last day with the Chronicle newspaper was also my last day. For him, it had been 36 years there and for me 27. Besides working for the same employer for decades, we also share an enthusiasm for m …
I've posted a fews mixes of Motown material and felt it was about time that Memphis was represented via the great body of work presented by the STAX label. The style is funkier and less mainstream, but …
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