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CD | Theme - Cover Songs
well yeah, halloween is over, boys and girls and men and women take off their masks and put on their suits and go back to reality, or something like that. i wanted to do a covers mix for halloween inst …
CD | Single Artist
wow i have to keep going...here's the rest of the mix... 31. i sing the body electric 32. rocket man 33. all my loving 34. i am a rock me first and the gimme gimmes. where do i begin? i begin with this …
CD | Theme
wow. it seems like more. but here it is, mix number 125. not ever mind you, just posted to the site ;) ...and to torture myself, this mix consists of every 125th song through the catalog of mixes i hav …
CD | Single Artist
iron maiden. rock. and stuff. i saw iron maiden here in ny thursday night. they opened the show by playing their new album, a matter of life and death , from beginning to end. The entire album. and whi …
CD | Single Artist
oh bad brains. need i say more? no of course not. but still, kids if you like the punk and haven't heard the bad brains, well then arent you a silly goose. get yourself down to the record store and pic …
CD | Mixed Genre
i have many many paper pills, thoughts and ideas, storylines and designs, scattered across the wasteland desk like tumbleweeds. sometimes the temperature is right and one blooms and something will come …
CD | Theme - Narrative
Lady, your kicks of silence cough into your room Kiss me slow and softly make me dream of you Well, everybody wants to go forever I just wanna burn up hard and bright I just wanna be your firecracker m …
CD | Mixed Genre
all old friends to sit in my car and sing songs of traffic and gray office cubes, a 1950's sitcom rubix cube. "one day i will escape" i tell myself. with thanks for sarah to help name names.
CD | Mixed Genre
intended for sarah. destined for my drive to work.
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