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Ah, Blondie. I've been writing a number of entries on my website my lifelong love of Blondie, sort of in celebration of their new album, The Curse of Blondie, which (as albums by reunited bands go) is  …
CD | Mixed Genre
The title is something my older son said a few years back. The CD is just a bunch of songs I enjoyed this month.
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A bunch of my favorite songs from last year. If you want to find out more about why I like them, you can check out the 1/6/04 entry on my website, http://marimbadog.easyjournal.com. I apologize for the …
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Tomorrow (Dec. 30) would have been Dad's 62nd birthday. This CD is the companion to the Music For Dad mix I made back in August after Dad died. This CD represents Dad's more rocking, bluesy musical ten …
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An all-vinyl mix (title courtesy of my wife). An odd collection of tunes.
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Vol 3 in the trilogy. I hope everyone has a great Christmas season!
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Vol 1 was posted last year (12/19/02), but under a different title. I've now changed the title of that CD to reflect that it is the first in my "Christmas Trilogy." The ninth track here, Wayne Newton's …
CD | Single Artist
Elton John was a childhood music hero of mine, to the point where I'd somehow find ways to write good reviews of utterly awful '80s-era albums like Ice On Fire for my college newspaper. I think the '80 …
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So we're going to Atlantic City this weekend. While we're there, we're going to see a rodeo. That's what this CD is all about: seeing a rodeo in Atlantic City. Incidentally, wouldn't it be funny if the …
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