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I Detect the El Supremo

Side A
Artist Song
UK Squeeze  Wild Sewage Tickles Brazil (78) 
Sensational Alex Harvey Band  River of Love (74) 
Rolling Stones  Dance, Pt. 1 (80) 
Pretenders  Mystery Achievement (79) 
Graham Parker  Don't Ask Me Questions (76) 
10cc  Art for Art's Sake (live-77) 
Nazareth  This Flight Tonight (live-80) 
BeBop Deluxe  Panic In the World (78) 
Steely Dan  Change of the Guard (72) 
Side B
ELO  Fire On High (75) 
Doobie Bros.  Long Train Runnin (76) 
Steely Dan  Show Biz Kids (73) 
Ian Hunter  Bastard (79) 
Modern Lovers  Egyptian Reggae (live-78) 
the Clash  Pressure Drop (79) 
Faces  Ooh La La (76) 
Widowmaker  Pin a Rose On Me (76) 
J. Geils  Give It To Me (73) 
Blackmore's Rainbow  Still I'm Sad (75) 


Well, for me, I "detected the El Supremo" yesterday afternoon whilst enjoying a fine Barbancourt Rhum de Haiti.....inspired by numerous mixers here at AOTM and their use of a) cassettes and b) vinyl. So, as the Haitian "juice with much ju-ju" worked it's magic upon me I remembered a promise to a good friend about putting together a mix from my vinyl collection with songs he may/may not have heard before..he grew up in the 70s, too.....I haven't made a tape in a looooong time. But, fourteen feet of vinyl on the shelves leads one back in time-- and with much to mine, for sure. So, my only restriction was trying to hold the inclusions to 1980 at the latest. My only regret was (and this is borne solely from being out of practice in the 45-minutes a side format) not having room to include Magazine's "the Light Pours Out of Me" or "the Book". I'm rather surprised also that "Haitian Divorce" didn't make it in via an homage to the well-spring and fount' of my muse. (Thought two Steely Dan songs were enough.) The last song is a statement about looking on all that vinyl and seeing stuff I may never get in cd format.., but-the fun is in the quest! Raise your glasses: "Gods bless vinyl!" (..and for the coup de grace.., they're outrageous! Oh honey let me tell you....)


Date: 1/29/2002
i absolutely love 'show biz kids.' that song is so great. and the stones, the clash, modern lovers, too!? excellent mix.
Date: 1/29/2002
Thanks for the kind comments Pam...much.I'm in a room at the top of the stairs....
Date: 6/19/2002
This is a great mix, with references to a great song (there's something about the way Rickie Lee Jones sings "Show Biz Kids" - I guess there's something about the way she sings, period). I think you captured it; I can hear that part about the Steely Dan t-shirts now. The facts are unraveling.....
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 10/19/2006
rickie lee jones, clash and doobies done did it for me.