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CD | Mixed Genre
The strip club mix is kind of a funny animal. It generally should include great songs that seem to be made for strip clubs, great songs you never thought you would hear at a strip club, and songs that  …
MP3 Playlist | Pop
So, I'm having trouble going to sleep, and I get to go home for spring break in two days. Somewhere between pondering my own existence and what exactly was in that pot pie I ate at the cafeteria earlie …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
Normally i choose Coltrane, Holiday, MMW or something jazzy to study to, but somehow this was great at the library the other night. Its pretty noisy and rather up and down, but its one of my more focus …
CD | Theme - Depression
As things would have it, in my 19 years i've never had a girlfriend on valentines day. Been close a few times, but things just didn't stay good long enough i suppose. In addition, i just havent had the …
CD | Pop
I guess my passion for and my never ending search for great music started with classic rock. It didn't take me long to know just about all of the tunes they play on the local classic rock station, or f …
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
some indie, a touch of punk, some emo here and there (or whatever the hell you wanna call it), even a smidgen of jazz... just something that came together after a rather disappointing friday evening. i …
CD | Theme
I made this for a friend who goes to school in Iowa, and is pretty much miserable there. He loves anything tropical or exotic in nature and anything with a good groove, as this is mostly themed such to …
CD | Singer/Songwriter
no story behind it, nobody in mind to give it to.... just some folk/country tunes i put together for no reason at all
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression
This is the best of the twenty or so songs i found on my ancient computer that i'm using while home for xmas break. All the Pumpkins tunes were dlded by my older bro years ago when it was his, and the  …
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