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Cassette | Theme
Posdata: As a further unoriginal thought, this time, in homage to Mr. RetroJoe and his actuarial statistics, here are some numbers: The mixers I picked from ranged from jkj to beat-nick, which gave a m …
Cassette | Theme
Sammy's mix helped provide a template in terms of mixers I didn't want to overlook as well as a base sample of their tastes. But I wanted to also pay tribute to long-lost mixers without having to conta …
Cassette | Theme
Sammy and I were chatting about his upcoming 100th mix, which landed with such aplomb earlier this summer. He encouraged me to do something similar for my 100th. Well, it turns out my 100th was somewhe …
Cassette | Theme
I have been a big fan of Rius (Mexico) and Quino (Argentina) for some time now. Only one of these songs references either of them directly (Sabina's opener), although Los agachados is not only the nam …
CD | Theme - Narrative
A sequel of sorts to my wife's obra maestra from earlier this year, though it ended up being this gringo's poor attempt to represent musically what he only has connection to vicariously. While she witn …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Well, rather than rip off Terry and Rob again, I decided to devise my own moniker for a mix with no real purpose except to spread the gospel of our own musical tastes. Looking back, it seems that I was …
CD | Theme
Based on my own very small and unscientific sample, I have come to the conclusion that many of the basically straight guys on this site have had their sexuality called into question by the ignorant mas …
Cassette | Single Artist
Robbie Robertson was to the Band what Charlie Manson was to the Family. Obviously Robbie was no killer, but he was able to manipulate his drug-addled cohorts much like Charlie did to his girls (and guy …
CD | Mixed Genre
Inspired first of all by Mark's comment on my last mix which led to the opener, then the mix kind of morphed into something similar to Terry's and Rob's pretentionless mixes. In the end, I think Johnny …
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