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CD | Theme - Depression
I wanted to do this as a thank you for Tom (one of my AOTM padrinos) for his Monday mix. The first two were automatic and they tended to set the tone from there, which is why it might not have turned o …
CD | Dance - Jungle/Drum'n'bass
doowad don't dance, doowad don't rap & doowad don't remix, but everybody's favorite soul sister has drawn me out of gutbucket ranchero shell with her incredible mix from Sunday.When I think of Karen, I …
CD | Pop
My buddy Mark didn't think I knew his taste well enough to make him a mix. I knew he liked Zappa and Beefheart and probably the Clash. And he shares Cliff's love for Mr. Zimmerman. Some of these combin …
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
I had posted this earlier as a genuine mix-tape from our college days, and received a big goose egg of comments. Now, thanks to Eliot Potter, the tape has been transferred to mp3. Looking back now, I t …
Cassette | Country
My other grandpa has already been the inspiration for previous mixes, both directly and indirectly. Now that I posted a musical tribute to my deceased grandparents, I wanted to make one for my maternal …
CD | Country
A simple mix for a simple man, my Grandpa August. He was born in 1908 and died 5 years ago yesterday. I was not necessarily inspired by tornadoZ's fine effort for his grandmother, it pretty much came f …
CD | Theme
My friend Steve never fails to amaze me with his strength of will and his blind faith in life, no matter how much he would deny it. He is back to "normal" and while he is neither turning 59 or cuarenta …
CD | Hip Hop/Rap
Well, I don't really hate rap, as the title might suggest (those guys don't really either), but as my daughter reminded me, I don't know much about rap. Her overall critique is that this is mostly "so  …
Cassette | Theme
Well, I gave up the Art of the Mix during Lent, inspired by my wife and daughter giving up their own computer vices.Nevertheless, I did not give up on practicing the art of the mix and this particular  …
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