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CD | Mixed Genre
This is a birthday mix for the ultra fabulous Nicole. "Mediocrity Rules" was a very deliberate kiss-off choice. She knows why. As was, for that matter, "Gravel". Tracks 12 and 14 are nods to our Wes An …
CD | Theme
Inspired by a conversation I had about a book a friend was reading, which is a big proponent of biological determinism/fatalism with regards to the two sexes. Women like to marry men with money (see tr …
CD | Mixed Genre
VDay version 3.0 for the boyfriend of 2+ years. No overriding message here, except "I love you, and isn't that a complicated thing".
CD | Mixed Genre
A little mix I threw together for the sake of giving on the holidays. Thanks to the lovely Miss Kat for several of these tracks, including Le Tigre and Doves. The title is from the Pixies track, which  …
CD | Mixed Genre
"Hey little sister, do you know what time it was?" Time to thank your snobby stars you have an older sister who mixes! This mix was a gift for my kid sister for her 11th birthday. When I was 11, I was  …
CD | Mixed Genre
Love makes you do crazy things, like fight the person you're in love with, and hard. The Hole live version of Pale Blue Eyes is, for me, a totally separate entity from the original. VU fans won't like  …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix was part of a little going-away present for James, who in the past month or so has become my new favorite person. The idea of the mix was to stick to artists we mutually liked, throw on some o …
CD | Mixed Genre
This mix is the most fun I've had in a long time. Starts out with a sequence of 80s/oldies-but-goodies to get my cuz bobbing her head on her 20th bday, then segues into some more recent rock, then goes …
CD | Theme - Romantic
The cover art for this mix is slamming, but since it's a collage (of copyrighted images) and I'm too lazy to go over to the comp center and scan it in, you'll just have to imagine it. This mix rocks. I …
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