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CD | Mixed Genre
Not too far removed from a "New Wave's Greatest Hits" collection, which hardly needs doing, but I just wanted to pull some of my favorites together in one CD. And, as an instance of everything old bein …
CD | Theme
31. Les Cooper "Wahoo" 32. the Saxons "Camel Walk" 33. Rockateens "Woo Hoo" 34. Jules Blattner "One More Time" I call them "semi-instrumentals, but maybe someone else has a better name for them? I'm ta …
CD | Theme
Hurriedly slapped together for the math majors when I realized that today is 3/14 - Pi Day! (for the English majors: the value of pi is roughly -- get it?) A silly idea but one I couldn't resist.
CD | Theme
So - this one happened because I was listening to Richard Thompson's catchy-bouncy "two Left Feet", (which speaks to me, I'm afraid), & someone who knows how my mind works mentioned Greg Brown's "two  …
CD | Pop
Another fine mess of mindless jump-around music. "Shombolar" the whole song sounds like the nonsense patter in the Chips' "Rubber Biscuit", & if you can figure out what the hell "Scrub the Duba" is abo …
CD | Theme
Knock knock. (Who's there?) A little old lady (A little old lady who?) I didn't know you could yodel! (That was one of my favorite jokes in the 6th grade - & still is!) ========================= This  …
CD | Theme
It's probably a mistake to patronizingly look back on any earlier era as a simpler happier time than ours, & certainly the 1930's in reality were a lot rougher than the 21st century has been so far, BU …
CD | Theme
I-yi-yi! I shamelessly stole this idea from Nest of Vipers' i mix, aye, aye, I admit it -- but please notice that whereas all her tunes were about her, all my tunes are all about me, me, me! (- that be …
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
Nothing to stop & think about here, just good times & she wants to stay out all night long "Swingin & jumpin & wavin my hand, if I can't rock & roll I'll do the best I can"
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