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CD | Mixed Genre
"The KKK Took My Baby Away" is a song written by Joey Ramone. It appears on the Ramones' 1981 album Pleasant Dreams. Many Ramones fans claim that the song was penned by Joey after Ramones' guitarist Jo …
CD | Mixed Genre
With this non-stop mix, my return to AOTM is...official! Special thanks to: sammyg123, musicgnome, jenergy and sistergothique.
CD | Mixed Genre
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CD | Mixed Genre
In 1978 at a Rock Against Racism show organized by the Anti-Nazi League, Strummer wore a controversial t-shirt bearing the words "Brigate-Rosse" with the Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof) insignia in t …
CD | Mixed Genre
Cleaning out the hard-drives unearthed this unreleased non-stop mix! You are correct if you guessed that this, just as the first, is not office friendly. Special thanks: Jonpoi Neukam and BIG DRE.Movie …
CD | Theme
Originally posted on January 9, 2006. This compilation was produced before the luxury of MP3 Audio Mixing software. The tracks, although, related still seemed too far away and cold; not connected. At t …
CD | Mixed Genre
This previously unreleased mix was created April 19, 2006. These are some of my all-time favourites and 100% sans crowd pandering. I love the segues here and strongly suggest listening to this STRANGEL …
CD | Blues
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