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CD | Pop
A mix made to accompany us as we drove around the murky suburbs of South London rummaging around thrift shops looking for rare vinyl. Our most interesting find was Elliott Smith's XO on vinyl.
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Yet another compilation for the Welsh wedding experience happening this saturday. A few new artists, a bold batch of sixties sounds and the usual obscure oddities.
CD | Theme
This is a project I have been working on for a year. I didn't actively seek out Beatles covers but noted them down when I came across them in my record collection. It was Ladakale's mixes that inspired …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
One more for the road to Wales. Continuing in my alphabetical run down I arrive at the letter B. Having done the vowels I'm now proceeding in an orderly manner through the remaining letters. I could ea …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
And so we return to a haphazard collection of present favourites. This is another mix to entertain us on our long journey into the Welsh backwoods to attend a wedding three weeks from now. The bride us …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
We're off to Wales for a friend's wedding at the end of next month so I'm burning new listening material well in advance. Celebrating 1967 when the pop world started to grow up, or did it become more c …
CD | Mixed Genre
Another random ransacking of various musical genres. A miniscule slice of odd jazz from Mr.Nordine, some early Gainsbourg, some weird German funkiness from Adam and Eve, Adam wrote "Don't Bring Me Down …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
The usual collection of indie,powerpop,punk and sixties sounds. Oh and a bit of German electro pop from the eighties. It's all so predictable and so obvious. Zzzzz. Here's a quiz to liven things up,nam …
CD | Theme - Road Trip
Kathryn and I are journeying north to Sheffield this weekend and will be DJing in the city. Some of the tracks on here will almost certainly feature. For those with an inquiring mind come and discover  …
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